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    Mrdox, 29 november 2017 14:57

    Review Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an RPG game that infiltrates along the rest of the chain. Of course, the choice of direct engagement with the enemy and stirring up a lot of noise is available because the game tries to give you as much freedom as possible. The story follows the events of the first part by two years, In which artificial humans lost control and attacked anyone on their way after the Illuminati group broadcast a signal that they had lost control. After this incident, fear and racism spread among people, and racial discrimination against those with such members became a disaster for the world.

    Adam Jensen returns after a year of hiding and with a confused memory to work with Task Force 29 to complete his search for answers and try to discover Illuminati schemes. After a failed operation in Dubai where the band was mysteriously surprised, the client returns to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, At the train station of the capital, which caused the deaths of many, this incident was not the first of its kind and the Illuminati group portrayed the fact that the ARC group was the one who carried out the attack, an organization demanding the human rights of artificial organ owners, which increased the problems and bad handling of these members.

    The story of this part in general will focus on the terrorist attack and those behind him Unfortunately, many events are expected and the story is not the depth we got in the last part and the options of the player here is not also the same effect we got in the last part, there was a few moments in the story revealed Some of the secrets and details that gave some value to the story note that the end of the game was referring to the next part of the series but also were not satisfactory with regret.

    To talk about the technical side, the game offers beautiful effects of shadows and lighting and some of the effects of weapons, the overall design of the characters are more refined than the last part, especially details of the face and hair and other details that give a beautiful appearance of the characters but all this ends with the initial movement of the faces and the synchronization of the movement of the lips with The tracks of the characters' speech are not perfect and many of them have not been synchronized. The world of the game here has become bigger with less load times. You enter the buildings directly without loading list and the environment has more details but generally the technical level is very modest. Hr game is not beautiful.


    The game offers a great gaming experience, so everyone has their own way of playing. You can develop stealth capabilities such as hiding, strengthening shields if you like fighting and fighting, and you can develop your skills to penetrate computers to open up new ways.

    The design stages are wonderful, there are a lot of small openings that have been placed for those who want to play hide, and there are some heavy boxes that were placed in front of some Biban and gaps so that he can not remove these funds only who has the ability to do so, and so on.

    The music of the game is still beautiful, although it is lower than the previous part. The style of music in this game is sad and gloomy, but it is beautiful for some reason.

    Add the Breach phase, a mystery development that asks you to resolve access to certain places and get data inside them, and then exit the area as soon as possible.


    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided A medium experience that did not provide the story or technical level required but may offer a fun experience for fans of sneak games due to the lack of experience available at the moment

    Rate this article Review Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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    Nice review

    1 december 2017 09:08

    Good article

    7 february 2020 05:19