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    Mrdox, 6 december 2017 15:37

    Review Trine 2

    If you are one of the lucky ones who have tried the downloadable Trine game, then you know very well why many players are interested in this game, as you will see a lot of beautifully polished backgrounds that appear directly from the Disney or Harry Potter stories, Rely heavily on interactive physics, well here is the second part of the game making its way back with the same elements that made the first part a successful game.

    The game depends on the ability to control three characters at once, and each character a completely different way of playing in terms of control and the way to overcome the traps and obstacles that plagued the game, our magician, and its basic abilities will help you a lot in solving the puzzles, as he can move the figures and raise them In the air (and he can stir the enemies as well), and he can create cubes from the ground to help you solve the puzzles and reach the platforms farther, and there is the character of the knight is the main character to fight enemies, as he has a sword and shield and can also The hammer is used to smash some barriers and cut the road for the rest Group, and the latter are personal thief.

    Trien 2 depends on 3 main methods and a variety of play, let's start by talking about the motor side or action, this aspect of the game is very weak in fact and is nothing more than simple battles by pressing the attack button constantly to slaughter the hordes of enemies that will attack you without mercy, not There is no fun or challenge in this aspect of the game and we felt that the developers added it only to be there, and not to be a factor in the game, during the game you will get points of experience will be able to upgrade your various attacks and add some elements like ice.

    The most important and fundamental aspect of the game is solving the puzzles. The puzzles here look good sometimes and sometimes a bit annoying. The puzzles are based entirely on the physics of the game, moving the particles and creating new ways. Sometimes the puzzles become more innovative to make you connect the water to a certain plant. So that you can climb up and continue to play. The final side of jumping or playing pallets is very average, because the movement of the character seems heavy and jumping is not a great fun or a noticeable challenge.

    It looks like a beautiful picture book for children, accompanied by a similar style of storytelling, a beautiful game that is certainly full of color and life, and graphics may be one of the biggest reasons for my interest in this game from the start, but Tran also lies behind There are many games that look very beautiful from the outside but they hide a lot of flaws behind this curtain, and so are the Trane 2, you will enjoy solving some of the puzzles in the game, but you will feel bored of the heavy control If you repeat the game repeatedly, try before the purchase .

    Rate this article Review Trine 2

    (5/5) 1 rating


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