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    (4.8/5) 5 rates
    noobda, 6 december 2017 16:24

    Ice Lakes [Steam] - Review

    Ice Lakes is a simulation type of game but its not just simulation, its about fishing. You may ask why this game instead of fishing simulator, but here's the catch, this game Ice Lakes is some how dependent on the location based in real world. 

    An Indie game that is simulation along with Multi-Player which even has cross-platform multiplayer, I'd surely check that out. So, by far this game has some pros and cons to itself. It has some decent looking graphics and some cool atmosphere in the game, so I'd recommend having a graphics card for best experience in the game.

    Read along to find out more about the game and its features....

    Ice Lakes:

    This game is available on steam for PC which includes Windows, MAC and Linux [steamOS] which is a good thing which explains it cross-plat form mutli player if it had been on consoles too.... So, lets talk about some of the steam statistics of this game:

    • A modern Ice Fishing simulator with various game modes including single-player mode and multi-player mode which involve sandbox approach to winter time fishing.
    • Release Date: 19th April, 2016
    • Developer: Iceflake Studios
    • Publisher: Iceflake Studios
    • Has steam trading cards
    • Reviews: Very positive
    • VR capable, supports both Oculus and VIVE
    • Has steam cloud saves
    • Multi-Player, online MP including cross platform multiplayer
    • Includes 49 Steam achievements
    • Has 19 maps to choose from
    • A whopping 32 player multiplayer lobby for online Multi Player mode

    This game has pretty good statistics in-game which include each and every detail about the current session and the old ones. The best part of the game is that its still being developed as of now to get it up to date.

    As you can see there are a wide variety of customizations in the game, which include the modification of fishing net to the different detail levels about the fishing gear. Yes, a whole lot of customizations are included in the game to get a massive game experience.

    Did I mention that the game feels like an open world game, well if not, it does feel like one helping you decide among a lot of different things in the map. And you can even see the third person view mode quite often and its fun while you are running here and there....


    The modern fishing game that is independent of all other activities disregard of other games, more importantly the game revolves around winter only for some reason, and its named Ice Lake

    Good fishing game with decent looking graphics, and superfluous multiplayer performance but can't hope to find many people hanging out here though...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Ice Lakes [Steam] - Review

    (4.8/5) 5 rates


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