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    Rate this article "Review: Train Mechanic Simulator 2017"

    (4.37/5) 19 rates
    MrRiddick, 5 january 2019 16:33

    Review: Train Mechanic Simulator 2017

    After the Car Mechanic Simulator, a game in which we dressed the car's fat department and repaired cars, the Train Mechanic Simulator arrived. Behind this title is also a PlayWay SA company, although Si7 Studio has signed it as a contractor. You already assume where your "plot" drivers and laptops with a diagnostic program will go for gigantic keystrokes and become the main drivers for the repair of the trains.

    There are 25 missions available and the ability to make repairs on electric, diesel and steam trains. Use three garages that are located at different locations on the map and which you can upgrade. There is nothing spectacular about the menu, so you can increase the speed of the work with the strokes, and there is also an option to boost the performance of any available "desk". Namely, each workshop contains three distinct segments where you can work with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts. In practice, the work is reduced to strolls from the "canal" over which the parked train is, to the work desk where the repair of the demolished piece is successful or the existing damage has become even greater. The process is automatic and you do not need to change the wire, slapping, jamming or anything else. upgrades bring a better chance of recovery and this means you will reduce your initial costs.

    The dismantling of parts is as simple as walking around the park. Clicking on the selected part will show the strokes that need to be removed and, in severe cases, additional parts that need to be removed beforehand to allow access. The train in the workshop arrives with the described defect, although sometimes it is necessary to reach for visual diagnostics and to test the condition of particular parts. To do this, you need to mark the desired part and hold down the left mouse button while the game "does not say" that the check is completed. The crocheted parts are placed in the inventory, from where you send them to repair or simply sell them to the old iron. You also have a laptop, through which you do all this painlessly, but you also order new sections that are available to you right away.

    In special cases, you will have to leave the workshop, pick up your own driver's car and go to a client who has been jammed somewhere on the rails. The virtual world of gameplay covers an area of 25 square miles and in this segment, the game is transformed into a kind of simpler driving simulation. The most interesting thing is that you can switch your camera to a "cockpit," and to sound, while everything else is at a rudimentary level. You bet on the trajectory of movement and speed, the train that you have come to spin is shrinking for the composition, and if at any time you are bored, you can "teleport" to the base and start work.

    If you read the report you get at the entrance of each train to the workshop, the chances of success are enormous. Although the authors argue that through the game deflates over 1000 different parts, it does not need to frighten you. Even when you're chewing and making a dar-mar on the screen, you're very easy to return to the original state because you do not have to remember the sequence of actions - you will always be told what you need to do. In doing so, the train models are extremely simple and the whole setting is loaded so you have a semblance of serious work.

    It's hard to talk about technical features. They are driving around and this is all the more positive we can say for this department. Missing details, the music is boring and uncommon, and the reports are printed with text. Of course, there was no adventurous part that would allow you to enjoy the role of a mechanic and made you push further. In your immediate vicinity, there is no one, only the walls of the huge hangar and the train you are working on.

    Ultimately, experienced gamers will outline this title as a crooked devil because it is painfully simple, superficial and completely uninformed. If you are in the Car Mechanic you could learn something, even if it was the most basic, the "knowledge" you will get from Train Mechanics is negligible.

    Rate: 5 / 10

    Rate this article Review: Train Mechanic Simulator 2017

    (4.37/5) 19 rates


    Sa marche

    8 january 2019 01:03

    Its good game and have good draphic

    9 january 2019 12:44


    6 january 2019 19:49

    Looking good hope it isn't plagiarsm.

    5 january 2019 18:14

    I prefer the Car Mechanic Simulator series more, but thanks for the well written review.

    3 november 2019 17:08

    graphic make simulator game more better

    17 january 2019 12:58

    I think is a good game

    23 december 2019 14:09

    This game is pretty interesting and you can learn basic information about train components and the role they play in the functioning of the train! 🙂

    22 july 2019 09:02

    Decent article. Not so good game 😆
    Approved though. Keep up the good work :)

    5 january 2019 19:55

    this one looks kinda fun.
    Try to break down your paragraphs: you're making really big paragraphs where you could just write 2 or 3

    5 january 2019 17:23