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    m200_dota2, 17 november 2018 10:27

    Review the western robotic package!

    Initially, let's start with a discussion of the original Surge game that we want to review today for its latest add-on, to begin with more with this whole title. After experiencing something about the first 50 hours of the first game of The Surge: Complete Edition and the four-time experience of this game and endlessly getting the platinum travper it's up to me to say that if today I had a bit of doubt that the capable people of the Deck 13 studio The best and most artistic Miyazaki fans and their works, I do not have the same doubts after the experience of the game and the memory of the Lords of the Fallen, and I must say that the artists of this studio are literally literally loved by Miyazaki and the series of Sols And, more importantly, how professional and professional they are, they can create titles with the structure of this series, but with a completely separate character. Special In the Lords of the Fallen game, the space was somewhat the same as the fantasy world and the dreaded monsters and sword series, but in the Surge game, and especially in the full version and with the DLC, it really blew it and the quality of the game was due to It's a completely sophisticated and completely opposite of Sols, but it's exactly a game with Soul's Soul, much more than the previous game, and let me imagine that if Mr. Miyazaki wanted to make the structure of Sols Take a modern, advanced and technologically advanced world and create a game with this space for fans of Sols, almost the whole point of a game like The S Urge: Complete Edition. Of course, with a lot more bass, the shortage of these bass and the lack of enemies (as compared to the sols) and some of the design elements of the environment, was the underlying weakness of The Surge compared to the works of Solves.

    • The Surge was the title role for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs in the eighth generation, and was developed by Deck 13 Studio. As previously mentioned, the producers, inspired by the Sols series, and, of course, in collaboration with CI interactive, created a spectacular game called Lords of the Fallen, which, of course, were right to eat, and it's interesting to know that the Surge game is almost the same It happened and again the game scores were not at its level of quality. Personally, as I have said before, I believe that a game that is weak should be criticized and criticized for its points, and that the points should be deducted from it, and on the contrary, a strong and powerful title should be criticized, and that it is up to you to have the highest points But it is not correct that a good and elegant title should be criticized too strictly and differently from other games, for reasons not very professional, or because, for example, the makers did not make great games of that style, and their name Not so good, its points are deducted.

      Since the very first introduction of The Surge and the gameplay we've seen it, it's a good and powerful title. It was apparent that the popular Solstice series was inspired by the game, but it has been different in all respects, and it does not imitate the Solos series in terms of graphics and space and the game world. This beautiful game, which we are going to talk about the new add-on package called The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented, is in the sub-category titled Inspired by the Solos series, and it's one of the top 2-3 solo-lyrics games ever made. It is, at least, in my opinion. The title has used the sophisticated and elegant elements of the Solos series with its own unique elements to create an intriguing game that emphasizes difficult struggles. The Surge shows us in each of our sections and elements that inspiration and love for a series is not a negative affair. But it should literally be "inspired and modeled" and not enter the domain of imitation and maintain its distinctive character.

      In The Good, The Bad, and the Augmented add-on we will go to a new section of the CREO facility, which is in fact a Quality Assurance Lab and created to deliver the technology to the highest possible level. The main character of the game, Warren, in this add-on package should be the rooms or deadly stages of testing a crazy doctor called Dr. Rischboter, which is your main enemy in this pack, and these sections are all influenced by the love of the crazy doctor of the story, completely created with a space similar to that of the Wild West. You should know that you should not have to look for a rich and complex story featuring multifaceted characters in an integrated gameplay package.

      In fact, The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented have nothing to say in terms of storytelling, and they did not even want to, and did not make a claim. But finally, it's not because it's an add-on package, we'll no longer ignore the terrible weakness of our story, and do not drop it down. We've seen the small extension packages that have brought a cool and exciting story to their liking. Of course, one point should not be forgotten at all. The character of Dr. Rischboter is very intriguing and well-designed and has enough depth and complexity, and is quite a powerful antagonist who brings in interesting conversations and talks in the game, and listening to his conversations is not annoying.

      Creativity is a very good thing, and if a piece of it is blown in a game, it can save it. If this creativity is in an extension package that is better and the creator's tail is hot! The Surge makers decided to make some creativity before the release of the second edition of the series after the original game was released and the original LCD, following the same rules of the original game, and the new DLC series with a completely different atmosphere and It's possible to change the rules of the game by the player, and the interesting and innovative point of this pack is to bring the advanced technology of the game surge to the atmosphere of the wild west and the atmosphere of Western films! We've seen in the game world that the apocalypse will go to the Stone Age (in Horizon), but we've never seen a Western robotic in the game world, now thanks to a crazy doctor and Western love in the world of Surge, which is your main enemy in this DLC. We saw it too!

      In The Good, The Bad, and the Augmented add-on, a new environment in the form of a quality control lab (with the possibility of changing the rules in the challenge chambers) has been added to the game and several new enemies and about 30 pieces of new weapons and armor that number It's awesome, with some awesome new features and a few new bass features that make the new content a perfectly worthwhile DVD, which is, of course, worth buying in the full version of the game, that is, by playing Main and DLC First. The overall gaming struggles in the The Good, The Bad, and the Augmented add-on package are based on the original game and are based strictly on focus, high accuracy, reaction speed, and of course patience and tactics. Not too fast fighting with the enemies whose weakest and most ordinary ones can end up with two or three strikes if you do not concentrate, and of course, the award-winning and rewarding system that keeps the player alive. The developers of The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented add-ons have made a lot of variation to the gameplay by changing the gameplay structure of the original game and the first DLC.

      In this complementary package, you should tell the rooms or better, from the different chambers or chambers of Dr. Rischboter go and survive battles and bosses. Now, the point here is that you can change the rules of these rooms in order to make it harder and easier to modify, with a modifier of 4 to 16 for these parts, the more you use them the more you work and for your work. Getting away from the room is harder, you get a lot more rewards and this kind of game is worth repeating because you can modify a challenge room in several different ways with different rules and measure your strength to what degree You can survive these challenges. The fact that it has completely changed the process and structure of the gameplay to the original game is a good and clever thought from the makers to enhance the variety of games, so that with this add-on package, the players will be returned to the weather again to get ready. The release of the second edition of the series.

      Visually speaking, The Good, The Bad, and the Augmented has been excellent and acceptable, and takes you well into the wild West Wild West environment, but with a big difference; it's also that this Our western is robotic! For example, a western cyborg is walking in a wild west-style simulated environment! The very interesting thing about the visual game, the artistic design of the armor and the new clothes and weapons added to the game is in the add-on package that you see in some of the images and it's exactly the same as the original game tradition in the DLC. Armor and weapons are unbelievable and very awesome, and really you will enjoy each one of them. Watching the appearance of the main character of the game with these different armor is one of the best factors leading the player during this add-on, just like the original game. .

      In the design of the environments, I would say that this DLC is a better state of the game, and delivers a variety of sense and ambience in the design of environments with the western environment to the player, and unlike the original game, which often sees environments It was industrial and almost simple, which, of course, had a fantastic design, but it was a lot of repetitions (of course, the first DLC game changed its entire world), in The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented, we are seeing progress. In terms of technical graphics and stability, The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented, like the Surge itself, works great and stable and does not involve you at all, such as severe bugs and frame fading, and so on. It does not experience experience. You do not hurt the game and you can fully enjoy your experience in this new add-on package and be happy to welcome the second edition of the series.

      With the music and the sound of The Good, The Bad, and the Augmented, I just say that there is no problem with the main game in this field, and it's full of standard sound (surroundings and characters) and music Depending on the space of this extension package and the state of the art, though they are not the best games, they do not compromise your experience either. One of the points that should be mentioned is the very good sounding of the negative personality of this add-on package, which is one of the reasons why I see him as a good, acceptable and attractive antagonist with personality complexities in this DVD. It's a very good sounding that makes listening to your conversations and dialogues in no way bored and tedious.

      Regarding the Surge and The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented, in all respects, the reminder of Franchise is a masterpiece of unparalleled sols, not of imitation, but of major mechanics and changes that perfectly retain the character of the game. They separate it from any other game, so that it does not fall under the shadow and the name of another game, and it does not stick to it. Inspiring a point and imitating another is another argument. Even in this game, all this old space and sword struggles and ... have also been changed in the Salsa series, and we are witnessing the robots' advanced and new world-class mechanical armor and armor. In fact, The Surge is never a solo clone, and as its predecessor, Lord Descendant, Fallen has only "inspired" from the series of Sols, and has a completely separate personality. The Surge is a unique personality that is superbly crafted by the Solos series, and has used some of its finest mechanics in its own way. If I had any doubts that the critics of the big sites have a problem with Deck 13, I have no more, and really the Surge is far superior to those of the Solders fans, and I have to say that the game is even better than Lords of the Fallen. And of course it is even higher. The Surge and its full version, along with the "A Walk in the Park" and "The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented" package, are one of the very high quality episodes released in the eighth generation, and its quality, like the rest of the title of the same creator, Lords She is fellow, up from the 72's and 74's, especially with the addition of A Walk in the Park and The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented, which form the full version of the game.

      The status of this title is very different from the changes in some of the gameplay rules in The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented, and the overall has become more diverse, and due to the changing environment in this DLC, now the state of the lack of environments in the original game is almost The full version is much less visible. As I've previously advised many of your loved ones in the critique of Lords of the Fallen that dear friends, if you are Miyazaki and Sulz fans, do not have meta tags and go and experience this game (and many did it too). And for several times I got some great feedback from them saying how good it really was that you recommended this game), now, with more emphasis, I already say that if you have a piece of Miyazaki and Solds and Balladburne titles Do not doubt even the moment in experiencing The Surge: Complete Edition and The Good, The Bad, and the Augmented add-ons and rest assured that your experience is regrettable. Was iodine. The Surge title, along with its two attractive add-ons with excellent technical and artistic graphics, a rugged and solid gameplay, a rewarding and reward system, highly engaging combat, unrivaled armor, and high degree of difficulty, succeeds in completely absorbing you. Slowly If you're a fan of action games like Darksells and Bladburne, you'll definitely experience the Surge: Complete Edition version and be sure to check out both the original game and its various DLCs, especially The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented, It has changed the playing field, and it's a lot different with the original game and the first DLC.

      Enjoy .

    Rate this article Review the western robotic package!

    (4.34/5) 35 rates


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