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    sozqq, 13 march 2018 18:11

    Review: The Walking Dead: Michonne - Episode 3: What We Deserve

    Mini-series The Walking Dead: Michonne , like its 400 days , is designed to brighten up the expectation of a new full season of "Walking Dead" from Telltale Games . And, I must admit, brightened up. And cheered. And gave hope that in the third season everything will be even better than in the past, even if without any changes in mechanics.

    Mishon is one of the brightest, charismatic characters and original comic book of Robert Kirkman (Robert Kirkman), and the television series of the same name. A real battle-woman, a severe African-American woman with a katana and a heavy load of the past behind her. There, in the past, she had two daughters and a husband, whom she left for the lawyer's office. After the zombie apocalypse about their fate, nothing is known, and this clearly influenced Mishon. She became closed-minded, ruthless, adoring loneliness. She can make personal friends out of her friends who turn to zombies and drive them on chains. And can also torture for a long time, and then castrate the sworn enemy. 

    All this is in the game from Telltale Games(unless there is no one to the floor, Mishon does not nail). The story tells what happened to the heroine between the 126th and 139th editions of the comics, namely how she put herself into the sailors. During this time, and Michon, and we together with her had to go through a lot. Although those who read and watched "The Walking Dead" are generally familiar: throughout all three series, the main character famously wields a katana, reminiscent of the Black Mamb of "Kill Bill," but almost more often than a zombie, she has to kill people ... 
    Similarly, in the game, Mishon and her new friends are faced with those who think of themselves as destiners, dictators who are allowed in this new world. Heroes fall into captivity, then run away from it and try to get rid of their pursuers. Mishon kills right and left and passes through the crowd of walking, leading two dead men on chains. And all this is interspersed with the visions of the little daughters with whom Mishon talks, scaring others.
    The difference is that in the game, of course, we have a choice how to act. You can, for example, kill the main freak to death and the sadist with a spanner or spare him - about the same situation was in the second season. A couple of times, even the hope arises that the situation will be solved by the world without escaping excessive violence, but this is an illusion - as in the previous issues of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games , our decisions can affect the fate of individual characters and the content of some scenes and dialogues, but not on the plot as a whole. 
    Nevertheless, the concentration of events, decisions, deaths and cruel scenes in these three small (maximum of an hour and a half) series is such that you barely have time to take a breath. The script constantly surprises and keeps in suspense. Well, the scene with the negotiations, when Mishon is trying to exchange a hostage (alive or dead) for his friends, in general became one of the strongest for all issues of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games . In such a time-limited format, and even with constant flashbacks in the heroine, who often does not understand where she is - in the past or in the present, it all looks like a real movie.

    Better, more spectacular and scenes of battles. As before, they are built on QTE, but the dynamics are higher, and the enemies who attack you at the same time are more. And we have to constantly be on the alert and even conduct something like a combo, when, for example, first you have to kill one zombie in front of you, and then quickly, without turning, to pierce the katana of the other, getting behind. 

    But in the quest mechanics, nothing, unfortunately, has changed - occasionally we go, we explore the locations, fighting with the "curved" control, we study some objects and active points, talk, raise and transmit. And no hint of puzzles and brain work ...

    The Walking Dead: Michonne is a small but very intense, bright and dramatic adventure that evokes a storm of emotions and sheds light on the fate of one of the most important characters in the history of the "Walking Dead". And most importantly, it sets the right mood before the third season. By the way, in the latter, as it became known recently, there will be an adult Clementine. 


    Rate this article Review: The Walking Dead: Michonne - Episode 3: What We Deserve

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    didnt like this game

    1 june 2018 17:42

    lulul did you need a poison?

    9 december 2020 17:43