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    Rate this article "Review: The Sexy Brutale"

    (4.42/5) 26 rates
    sozqq, 19 january 2019 19:00

    Review: The Sexy Brutale

    The puzzling owner of the property has disappeared, and his guests are systematically eliminated. The only surviving guest resumes the day of the masquerade in order to change the course of events and save other death officials.

    The main character is the reformed gambler, the elderly priest   Lafcadio Boone, to which a mysterious wife-explorer explains that only he has the power to move in time and help others captured in the day that is repeated every time he tears at midnight. The mitigating circumstance is that at the beginning we find out that the butler is a killer - specifically, nine identically masked members of the service. In order for Boone to discover the background of the crime and succeed in preventing it, it is necessary to locate actors and monitor their movements, finding out details through parts of the conversation. There is the first obstacle - Boone can not communicate with anyone, nor can he be in the same room with another person. When you find yourself in front of the room door, there will be a flame (which does not cause any damage) from the Boone Mask, as a warning. If you decide to enter, the mask of the person Boone has attacked the priest's attack and sucks his energy until he kills him. If you die, you will find yourself at the beginning of the day, next to one of the wall clocks. These clocks serve as checkpoints and it is important to choose them strategically so that they can be found in a certain part of the house at the right time. As you have to avoid other people, you are limited to talking through the keyhole and using your favorite place to hide your lover - a closet.

    The story is designed with a lot of attention, so it's impossible to find out all the information from one attempt. When listening to conversations, the names of persons and objects crucial to solving the murder will be highlighted in red (there is no voice, but the text of the conversation is displayed on the screen). The very puzzles are not too difficult, and taking up is a tougher part of the job. If you do not have to remember how many hours anyone is to be treated, on the map of the house there will be avatars of characters in the room where you found them. The map is time-sensitive (something like a security camera), so you can swipe it all the way until you get to an event that interests you. Once flagged, the positions of the characters remain memorable even after the expiration of the day. In a modest inventory, you will find only a few items that remain with you through each subsequent time iteration,

    In most cases, you are in a race with time and you need to plan well when and where you need to be, but there will also be an opportunity to do what you have planned at the beginning of the day, and there is nothing left to wait for the time to elapse. With the help of a timer you can move the time in advance at 16h or 20h, which means that in the worst case, you wait for four hours by waiting until midnight. There would be a good chance to rewind days with a slightly larger range.

    That Sexy Brutal is not a perfect game, they have taken care of the movement mechanics. Instead of the usual movement by space by clicking on the desired position (talking about the PC version), it is necessary to keep the mouse button pressed all the time in order to move the main character. This means that you will spend hours pressing the unhappy right button, which is easy to get used to, but it's unclear why such a solution is selected. The biggest problem happens when opening the door - there is a lying and frequent non-handling of the command, which is inconvenient in the situation when someone is attacking you, and the priest standing and turning the demon another face. With occasional drops of the framerate and small bugs, there is not any problem that would not be solved with a patch.

    My personal rate: 9 / 10

    Rate this article Review: The Sexy Brutale

    (4.42/5) 26 rates


    nice work

    26 january 2019 15:48

    cool game ! thanks!

    22 may 2020 18:23

    The game is decent. I like how they designed their game. Really good.

    29 june 2019 19:06

    this game is the best and very cool game

    14 march 2019 10:29

    Full gameplay eh? A little bit about sound and artwork quality would be nice.

    20 january 2019 17:44

    This article is good 5/5

    30 january 2019 16:22

    Very informative thanks for the detail work

    2 february 2019 06:02


    25 january 2019 00:52

    cool game !

    30 march 2019 15:58

    It's pretty good! not bad, not long, I like it! I hope it's genuine. (my god, YOUR PROFILE! are you human? who makes good articles daily?!)

    19 january 2019 21:17