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    (4.18/5) 17 rates
    addwrd, 22 january 2019 17:03

    Review: Reveal

    Written by: addwrd (discord name: adward4515)

    Hello like-minded players, this is my second article in gamehag site.

    Today i'd like to share a puzzle game, it’s called “Reveal”.


    You are a god who create this place, but eventually you feel bored so you wipe your memory and decide to try yourself on some challenging trails just for fun. You also create an assistant called Alre and let her guide you.

    However there's something behind these trails that we don’t know….



    In every level you need to figure out the way to the portal by using your red/blue powers from the powerball and things that level already had.


    In the first level you get a powerball. Your power is divided into 3 squares.

    Red power (Left Mouse Button) creates boxes on colored areas so you can stand on them or triggers red devices, Both will consume 1 square of power. Blue power (Right Mouse Button) destroys boxes when hit or triggers blue devices. Both will consume no power.

    You can have 3 boxes at most in a level and you can’t create boxes when jumping.

    If you want to reset your power just press “Q”.


    There’s always a portal at the end of every level for you to advance.

    Some levels require your Parkour skills, you may retry a lot if you are bad at that,  other levels have complicated designs, you may spend lots of time thinking its mechanisms, the other levels have a kind of barrier that will disarm your powerball if you walk through it, but don’t worry because levels have barrier will also have powerball for you to reclaim and retry.


    The futuristic designs of cubes, devices, floors and walls is a bit similar to “Portal”.

    The design of abandoned futuristic dungeon in the forest is a bit similar to “The Talos Principle”.

    My rating: 2.8/5

    (Spoiler Alert)

    The difficulty of levels later on does challenging for me, if you think you screw up then perhaps you need to restart the level. Despite there are only nine levels in the game so far (which I think it’s a bit less), dev still makes some tutorials or tips in some levels, and that’s quite kind.

    The whole story is actually very bland, there are very few conversations at the middle of the game, you basically spend most of the game time thinking how to get through levels. Besides, I also feel that actors are just reading scripts, because their voice are so emotionless and are extremely incompatible with this game.

    Even so, it says “To be continued” at the end of the game, and I really hope that dev will add subsequent part to this as soon as possible. But until then I will say this game is not good, you only buy it when it’s on sale.

    This is the end of my review, thank you guys for reading.

    Developer & Publishers: Useless Machines

    Platform: PC, Windows

    Release Date: July 18, 2018

    Genre: Puzzle

    ‎Steam price: US$3.99

    Rate this article Review: Reveal

    (4.18/5) 17 rates


    It is not a game in which I would spend my money, since there are many others more interesting and better worked than this.

    16 march 2020 23:03

    wow amazing

    23 january 2020 15:42

    This is good work. Keep it up.

    25 january 2019 08:08

    really weird game

    22 may 2020 19:39

    nice article

    29 april 2020 08:22

    Never heard of this game but looks good :)

    28 january 2019 18:38

    Could be better written, pictures are good, but work on titles of articles

    23 january 2019 15:35

    Hi hello everyone this article is good......Keep it up

    23 january 2019 14:49

    The article is nice but I would like to see more details.

    23 january 2019 06:35

    The Article is very nice but i would like to see more details and pics. And the title is not that good. Good job

    23 january 2019 16:42