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    MrRiddick, 11 march 2018 22:34

    Review: Radiation Island

    Snow-covered Canadian expanses, forests with bloodthirsty savages, post-Soviet towns, inhabited by rebels from the dead - it became very fashionable to survive in games. Not so much now it is necessary that the project in a blink of an eye took a worthy position in the digital distribution stores. Put in the column "genre" magic "survival", and even if the game is not really finished, is teasing with bugs, crashes and has an inadequate price, as well as an inadequate community, it will still fire! It is absolutely true for all platforms.

    Atypical Games manages to amuse fans of big games for small devices with a very competent approach to development: its games are relatively inexpensive (and even after the jump in the world currency relative to the native ruble, prices are still not so biting), huge and technological. To say that "Island" is squeezed out from the tablet completely (and on the tablet it is more convenient to play on it than on the phone), all the juices, means to say nothing. The battery charge steadily rushes down, on the back panel you can warm up the breakfast, and fps in very busy moments sags very significantly. But in return for the player is available a huge and beautiful world with a curious history, juicy colors and elaborate surroundings.

    By the way, it was the adequate history in the "sandbox" we expected to see the least. No, by the standards of cinema, the local story line would have come only in an action movie, but against the backdrop of endless one-line introductions ("all became zombies", "your plane fell," "you woke up in an unknown place"), progress is noticeable. The protagonist becomes a direct participant in the "Philadelphia experiment," during which the American destroyer "Eldridge" moves in space to the archipelago of artificial islands in the sea of the Devil. Once on land, our protagonist is naturally trying to survive, and at the same time to unravel the secret of the islands on which the Japanese military base once was. In this he will be helped scraps of diaries explaining the situation around the mysterious base, well, and the right rifle will not remain without work. 
    And although we have long been accustomed to the habit that survival games usually do not have a finale as such, here it is, as well as a tangible goal. By simply sitting on the spot in the Radiation island, there is no success - you will have to constantly move around the islands, absorb information about them and, most importantly, explore the numerous towers with which the islands are dotted. The number of them is enough to spend several hours in the game, and disabling at least one device is not so easy - you need to know the access code, which, in turn, also needs to be found. Such a healthy filling of locations can not but rejoice - there is always something to do on the island, except collecting twigs and hunting for animals.
    Thanks to the rich history of the military base, you do not have to worry about the offensive equipment for survival. Almost everything that is available in the "craft" mode can be found to some extent and on the map: in chests hidden in ruined buildings, or simply on the ground. Food, anti-radiation suits, tablets and weeds are a standard set of survivors.

    In addition, the game implemented a decent arsenal - from a boomerang to a machine gun. Cartridges will always be missed, and creating them is the most problematic, so you need to use your weapon wisely. And you will have to use it, because hunting for a bear with a bow and quiver of arrows is not a very safe exercise, just as cleaning a tower from an enraged evil. Climbing away from the starting point, you can completely forget that you once hunted with an ax to hares or lambs. 

    A separate topic is transport, more precisely, its unexpected availability. It really is appropriate, and some of its representatives, for example, hang gliders, and at all cause something similar to delight: to consider the beauty of the island from a bird's eye view is a pleasure.
    But even in this game there was a place for a thousand and one conventions, which on the root kill realism. The character always wants to eat, is able to freeze on an equal place, to collect cartridges from iron ore and sulfur. Enemies, and the beast, and the infected Japanese are utterly stupid. And at night each time it is terribly cold and it is possible to get warm not at each fire. It is clear that these are all the assumptions left to make the gameplay more dynamic and, perhaps, a little more understandable and easier, but it catches your eye. 

    Rate: 7/10

    Rate this article Review: Radiation Island

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    Not that bad

    25 february 2020 10:19

    really make good

    14 december 2019 05:14