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    (5/5) 1 rating
    noobda, 11 march 2018 12:26

    An Open World Space Exploration Game - Destinatin Sol [Steam]

    This game is not the biggest exploration game, on the contrary side this is basically a smaller game with more posisbilites in the open world rather than being an open world game whose size amounts to almost over 40Gigs... Well this is an open world game which is a mere 100MB game, yep, this game occupies 100MB disk space, so don't expect too much from this game.
    Destination Sol is a pretty decent small open world game where you explore space to find space ships and allies and battle them in order to acquire them. Lets find out more about this game....

    Destination Sol:
    This game is an open world as advertised and is not about that in particular, its about exploration and roaming around different places finding stuff that you'll somehow discover after playing this game for quite a while. This game will pretty interesting from the start as long as you start finding stuff and engage in combats with your space ships to get the other ships and stuff. This game feels nice as long as you play well, and its not that hard to discover things from the open world. For some after playing this game for quite a while or after you discover everything in this game, might feel that this game boring but that is after playing the game for very long time....

    This is how the gameplay looks like, yes the graphics are not crunchingly high, which obviously explains the size of the game, think about it once. This game is pretty good at its size, at 100MB this game is pretty much an open world game and has the ability to add exploration and conquering stuff into the game. And yes, the game is free to play and you'll have nothing to buy or spend in the game, there are no in-app purchases or any in-game shady transactions in this game Destination Sol....

    Ok, lets go through some steam statistics about this game from steam store:

    • Single Player Game
    • Has Steam cloud saves
    • This game is available on Windows, Linux and MAC
    • Has Partial controller support and you can always use a xbox controller or any gamepad with xbox controls emulator
    • Destiantion Sol is a free to play game
    • Release Date: 6th February, 2015
    • Developer: MovingBlocks
    • Publisher: MovingBlocks
    • Mostly Positive reviews
    • The game is kinda RPG game but you get the idea after watching the game

    So will this particular open world game run on my computer/laptop, well after watching the size of the game you must be able to predict that information right away, either way its almost playable on all machines which are low to medium spec ones. Here are the recommended system requirements to run this game:
    > A mere 1GHz Processor is more than enough [the game is also on android, that explains a lot]
    > 512 MB of RAM
    > The game occupies 100 MB of hard disk space
    > Can run on any kind of graphics, Intel HD graphics are more than enough for this game
    > For some reason the size of the game is 250MB on Linux or steam OS
    > In the MAC version of the game, the game occupies around 150 MB of space

    Well, this game has many numerous possiblites of exploration as this has around 3 planets and around 5 ships [and one more] to drive explore. This game might feel complete once you discover almost 95% of the things in the game, where you'll feel it boring but that's far away situation in the game. Ok, so the game Destination Sol, is pretty much a good exploration game which is actually Open world game somehow, and you'll find yourself equipping armor and shield including weapons on your space ship all the time.... Almost fun game but feels like RPG but that doesn't matter much though

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article An Open World Space Exploration Game - Destinatin Sol [Steam]

    (5/5) 1 rating


    Not my type of favourite games

    10 april 2018 23:46


    25 february 2020 10:21

    really ow some boty

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    5 august 2019 16:39