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    (5/5) 1 rating
    noobda, 11 march 2018 11:35

    A Multi Player 2D Indie F2P Game - The Ultimatest Battle [Steam]

    This is a free to play game with in-app purchases which are not pay to win type of stuff, they are just the in-game items. And coming to the game, its an Indie game, 2D platformer type of combat based game to play online, actually this is a MMO type of game, Massively Multi Player game which is free to play... Lets check out more about this game....

    The Ultimatest Battle:
    This game mentions itself as a free to play game [and it actually is] and states that it is not pay to win game, well there are in-app purchases for this game but they don't help you in any kind to make the game easier, just like the skins and kinves in Counter Strike Global Offensive. So, what this game is all about is that you and your friends [if any] must battle in real time with other players on a 2D platformer world where your ultimate goal is to win the battle obviously. You have the choice to choose from the available characters or fighters or so called Nubs, and they have to battle against one another to victory in a completely destructible environment  in the game. The matter of fact that the environment and surroundings in the game are destructible is quite compelling to feel. 

    So the gameplay looks as shown in the above image, its quite graphical according to indie standards, well I'm not joking but those graphics and small characters called Nubs looks pretty cute in the game during combat. You might be guessing if this game has classes and standards for their fighters [nubs], well there are some classes for the Nubs, you'll have to choose accordingly. Thus making the whole choosing process easy to classify distinctly. So what about the information on steam market, well, like said the game is free to play game and it requires nothing except downloading and start playing. But, yeah there are some in game purchases but they won't affect the gameplay so far, if they do then it'll be pretty bad for a game and will defiintely be an insult to the gaming community.

    So, lets go through some of the steam information about this game and find out more stuff from there:

    • Multi Player game [no single player mode or campaign]
    • Massively Multi Player mode, well this is the interesting thing in the game... MMO
    • Online Cross Platform Multi Player game across Windows, and MAC
    • Has In-App Purchases, or in game items to be bought with real cash, but they aren't required but at your own discretion
    • Mixed and mostly positive reviews on steam
    • Release Date: 12th September, 2017
    • Developer: Ediogames
    • Publisher: Ediogames
    • A free to play Action Indie Game [mmo multiplayer type]

    So, after watching all the graphics and stuff from this game you might be thinking to try out this game, well so the next question is, will this run on your PC? Well, it probably will run on almost all machines even without dedicated graphics cards, so you can try out this game without any fear of low performance. Either way the minimum system requirements for this game are as follows...
    > Intel Dual Core processor or any other Dual core SoC
    > 1Gig of RAM is probably enough
    > The game runs on Intel HD graphics, and is pretty well managed
    > The game occupies 350MB of hard disk space
    > Now about the main part, Internet speed, well this is where everything depends for online games, you must have a pretty decent Internet speed to be able to play this game without any lag or spikes....

    The game is pretty simple and basic to play with friends with pretty cute characters called Nubs, which in fact is pretty neat too. The game Ultimatest Battle is one of those indie games where you'll have to be interested in 2D platform games in order to like this game but you might also play this game after watching those characters in the game, Nubs, pretty well designed....
    The game is even updated quite often bringing more and more features to the hub, likely the recent one stated that the steam leader boards are on its way, which is quite a nice way to compare ....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Multi Player 2D Indie F2P Game - The Ultimatest Battle [Steam]

    (5/5) 1 rating


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