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    noobda, 10 march 2018 16:21

    An upcoming Space Combat Multi-Player Game - Star Citizen

    A Massively multi player game which includes space trading and everything about space ships is 'Star Citizen'.... Sounds cool right, well you can't just play the game yet, as its not even announced to be released any sooner but you can try out for their alpha tests. So, lets find out what's under the hood of this particular game and what makes this game somehow different from other space travel games [No Man's Sky]

    Star Citizen:
    This game is the upcoming and most anticipated game as of now, this game offers massively multi player missions which also have the co-op missions where you and your team have to engage in combat where ever possible to be safe. Its also has the single player campaign mode which is called as Squadron 42 where you'll engage in some kind of story mode where you can check out all of the game's features not to mention the multi player. When this particular game goes full release this will be one of the pretty much not-so-hyped game but we will see that in the near future.

    There are some gamplay videos on youtube where you'll find all the features of the game and overview about the game. The matter of fact is that you are able to play their alpha version of the game at some cost and the game will be updated as the game keeps developing, as stated by on their website. The game somehow costs around 45 USD, and most likely its a bit high but it depends on the gamplay and all the hype at the time of its release. Lets go through some of the main features and details about the game:

    • Single Player Campaign called Squardron 42
    • Developer: Cloud Imperium Games
    • Publisher: Cloud Imperium Games
    • Engine: Amazon Lumberyard, well here I have to say that this Amazon Lumberyard is quite a video game engine where you can develop maps and environment for a game which is based similarly to that of the CryEngine which is owned by CryTech, well now this is quite new to experiment with, and this game uses that engine
    • As of now the game is only available to Windows PC, no consoles are announced till now
    • This game is featuring First Person Shooter experience while having the ability to combat with whole decked out space ships and air crafts.
    • The space ship's interior looks some what similar to the interior of the Warframe but not quite as similar though, but you get the idea, right
    • There was some information about the game being developed to Linux systems but its complicated, and by the way its developed same as the Windows version.

    The gameplay looks absolutely smooth as of now but we can hope it'll require less resource for the sake of low spec gamers, well, but the game has some standards which make the game unique and differ from other games and that explains the whole story about the recommended system requirements.

    The whole space and surroundings look just as real as we see it in the movies and at NASA but all one can care is about the graphics in this game... Well, the movie Interstellar looks fabulous when its displaying the outer space and this game feels the exact same just the difference is that here you will be in charge of the exploration adn all the tasks... Sounds interesting, well to check out the whole game we must have to wait till it releases or makes serious optimization here and there, as you know about the games that are in pre alpha stages adn alpha stages, they are still being developed as you play so you may not feel the game is complete, well it won't be complete unless the developer feels that the game is complete. So, if you can't wait to check out that game then there is an option for that, or you can as usual check out the youtube videos of the gameplay of this game and then just wait...

    So, as the game develops all we can hope is that this game must not become another No Man's Sky, well, we all know what happened to that game, well atleast that hype though. StarCitizen looks compelling even under the gameplay which is real time unlike the cinematics gameplay where everything is just created for the visual entertainment... So one can have positivity about this particular game. We'll have to wait and see....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article An upcoming Space Combat Multi-Player Game - Star Citizen

    (5/5) 1 rating


    we can hope is that this game must not become another No Man's Sky

    21 december 2020 20:01

    final space is out guys for everyone

    12 march 2018 14:22

    i really loved your review man it was one of the greatest reviews i saw here

    17 february 2021 13:20