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    (4.3/5) 30 rates
    sejozmaj, 21 december 2018 19:33

    Review of the game: Assassin’s Creed 3


    Assassin's Creed 3 is located in the period from 1753 to 1783, at the heart of the action is the American War of Independence, and the new protagonist is Ratonhnhaké, originally half-English and half-Indian. Since the name of Ratonhnhaké is somewhat unusual and difficult to pronounce, the English have decided to call him Connor. Of course, there is an inevitable Desmond Miles, a guy who has been with us since the first part and whose story will finally come to an end. Desmond finished his training so we will not be just in Animus, but we will occasionally climb with him around.

    This series is known for its surgical precision related to historical events, the field on which this time has been brushed - Connor participates in practically every major event related to the Revolution, and through the face it fights against the shoulder or against the fascinating number of individuals whose faces well-known from school books. During the numerous epic historical moments in the story, it is difficult to remain unresponsive, even though some of them are too scripted. You can read more about all events, characters, architecture, culture, and similar interests in a comprehensive database that is written in a rather informal manner and will often make it a smile on your face. Of course, even if you refuse to read the database from the game itself, you will still learn a bit of information about culture, customs, and similar things.


    The story is really well written, and it deals with somewhat deeper topics that will sometimes make you think a little. Not really about the meaning of the universe, but on issues like - what is really good, and what's wrong can these two sides always clearly differentiate? A quality story is also contributed by the well-defined characterization of characters that we learn a lot about through the cutscene, as well as through random conversations to the destination of a mission. Britains made some noise when they noticed that in the announced trailers for the game Connor mostly kills Redcoats (Britains), and if they were doing the statistics, the truth is that during the game you kill a lot more British soldiers, but it is clear that the goals of our protagonists are completely unconnected with their warfare and how he kills from different, we can say higher, motive. It is certainly positive that there is no unnecessary and somewhat irritating patriotic rise of America and its people, which is quite typical for some other titles.


    In the early days you will notice how much the game is bigger than before: from cities that, in addition to size, are authentic, and with a convincing feeling of how they really live and without your presence, to the wildlife area that also abounds in content. The movement has undergone several minor changes, the animation looks much more convincing, we can skip over some objects more easily, and we can now climb to the tree, which allows our semi-Indians to move faster outside of cities. This requires a bit of practice while understanding the principle and occasionally it happens that Connor jumps into the empty space instead of the branch you wanted, but nevertheless it's a nice innovation.

    As far as fighting is concerned, it still consists of an attack button and a counter-strike button that needs to be squeezed at the right time, the system is "locked" by the enemy you want to attack, and the indicators are added to the header of the enemy when they think you hit to know when to counter. Logically for the period in which the game is located, we will also handle the rifles that are used to solve the first enemy in a row, but after that they are almost useless because they need to be overfilled for too long. Of course, this is not a guilty play, it is a real disorder of firearms that you can use in a kindly way: when the enemy soldiers decide to shoot you, you take the nearest soldier and use it as a human shield, after which you can quietly walk away and tear the limbs to the criminals with some of the cold weapons that our hero is asking for.

    Fighting is phenomenally animated, and when Connor puts a couple of killings in a row and enters the combo, he becomes almost unstoppable and a man is somewhat inappropriately aroused by watching him brutally cutting down the helpless enemies. There is no lack of variety in weapons, the choice is indeed wide, and each type of weapon has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as proper fine animations while hitting the villains. It is also positive that the enemies are no longer mentally retarded and do not wait in order to take away their life for their colleagues so that they will only then dare to attack you. Little applause for guys and their obvious intellectual progress, please be nice!You should also mention a nice team that will voluntarily join you in the role of recruit over time, and you can invite them to kill a target or help the battle in which you are located, as well as to use some special skills that they have in a particular place. There are special missions you can perform with recruits to gain experience and increase level, thus gaining better skills and equipment.

    Already at the beginning, you will learn to hunt, and you can run out of the city to a variety of wildlife, some of which will have to lure you to kill them, like rabbits, while wicked beasts like wolves or bears will attack you and make you defend yourself. After you kill them, you can wear them, and sell their fur, heart, horns and similar fine goods, use them to make certain things, or trade them by sending a caravan from Connor's Home. Yes, from home: Homestead is the place where our hero lives, and there lives Achilles, an old Assassin who taught our dear Connor everything he knows.

    The old house where the retired killer lives in a bad condition, and our hero is in charge of its reconstruction, which makes helping people in the village and by persuading them to stay in it, which gives them access to their resources. There is also a system of making things and trade, which may be too little focus and are somewhat insufficiently explained. It will be used in the preparation of a variety of recipes that you collect on the road, and the store segment consists of sending caravans into which you place the items you want to sell along with the best dealer you have at your disposal in the village.

    One of the more fun activities is boat management - Connor will learn how to be a captain, manage the crew, fight the wind, sink the enemy ships, climb to someone else, and so on. Playing the captain is certainly a cool feeling, and although naval missions can be a bit repetitive, they do not last long and indeed come as an interesting respite from the slaughter of evil Templars. The map is, especially in cities, always overwhelmed by the icons of various other incidental missions, such as delivering letters, assassination of targeted targets in the city, releasing the fortress (which lower the tax in stores), releasing parts of the city from Templar (which gives you new recruits) underground tunnels. When you perform the main missions, there are always side quests that somewhat aggravate the mission if you decide to try to fulfill them, but most often make the process a bit more entertaining.

    Audio & Video

    From a graphic point of view, the game looks great and constantly impresses her with a new scene. An interesting novelty is the dynamic weather conditions, so you will look at how American cities are going through different seasons, beautiful spring sunsets, and top-notch snow when winter comes. There are times when you do not want to do anything but stop and admire what you see in a few moments. I mentioned how the cities act convincingly and alive, and I like how citizens respond to weather conditions and behave according to them.

    The animation really reached the peak of the series - movement, climbing and fighting never looked more convincing. In cut scenes, the well-captured motion capture comes in. The movements of the characters act convincingly and at times it really seems like watching a movie, which is certainly helpful in quality voice acting. The musical background is also on a high level, it changes depending on the situation and the place where you are, the tense moments seem more tense.

    The technical part, unfortunately, also has its dark side - serious problems with bugs. Ubisoft was aware of that and immediately released the unpopular day one patch, which made a lot of work, but I often encountered various errors. I saw guns for some reason staying in the door, animals stabbed in the stone and running into the empty space for a few minutes, clinging to invisible walls, during a cut scene the character did not even open his mouth during a speech that lasted a few minutes, and It seems that most troublesome problems occur while riding a horse. This has happened a couple of times and I had to load the last checkpoint because I simply could not continue the mission because of some wonderful bug.


    Multiplayer of this type is introduced in Brotherhood, most modes will be well-known to you if you played the latest titles of the series, but it's definitely a polished experience. The system is quite different from the single player, but there is a tutorial that introduces us to all the important segments and does not take much time to grab all the ends. It's really a special feeling of playing against live opponents. Imagine the situation where you hide in the crowd of NPCs and wait for your target to hit exactly, while at the same time you need to escape from the evil player who you are targeted by just you. But if you are not quite competitive, there is also Wolfpack, a new mode that offers you the opportunity to build a team of four players with which you must eliminate the NPCs together. I have not experienced any lag problems, and the matchmaking system functions properly and there are no more specific problems or too long waiting.

    Assassin's Creed 3 is no doubt a real beast of the game. This fact in support is above all an excellent setting, the period in which this series topped in perfectly and which enabled us to enjoy the many important moments we once learned on the history lessons. Of course, a wise written story is very important, which is supported by good voice acting and a fine-motion capture, which gives it a real movie tune.


    The size of the world and the truly impressive amount of content allow you to never be bored, as there are always so many things to do and out of the main missions, and with all of this, you will often stay out of breath for the beautiful scenes that the game is constantly cast into the face. Ubisoft nevertheless decided that it would not be okay to declare this game as a title that is close to perfection. This game is not perfect in every way, but the devil, however, has enough aces in his sleeve. 

    Rate this article Review of the game: Assassin’s Creed 3

    (4.3/5) 30 rates


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