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    (4.06/5) 17 rates
    sejozmaj, 21 december 2018 18:39

    Review of the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations


    Back to the past

    Many things are already familiar with the Assassin's Creed series, but let's name them here. The main character Desmond Miles, a descendant of Assassin and waiter, relives the memories of his ancestors stored in DNA through Animus, a machine that creates a virtual reality and allows the passage of memories in real time. So it was at least the first three sequels. Now? Desmond is in a coma because of a mess in his head with too much scattered memories, but Animus allows him to be in virtual consciousness and to wake up from which he has to store the memories of his ancestors, Altair and Ezio. Let's say you are 80% of the game in the role of Ezio, and the rest are you time Altair. The action of Ezio's memories goes back to 1511 in Istanbul or Constantinople, as you already know. Ezio stuck at the entrance to the Altair library and had to find 5 keys in Istanbul, where he contacted the Assassin branch there.

    Altair appears only in the form of his memories within Ezio's story, in different stages of life. Ezio must repossess his human resources and elevate the assassins there in order to be able to confront the Byzantine-Templar forces who want to overthrow and poison the Turks and thus strike the foundations for conquering the world in order to bring peace to mankind. For this, of course, one of the "Pieces of Eden" is needed, the mystical artifacts of a long-lost civilization that has the ability to manipulate human minds. In the first Assassin's Creed it is suggested that this artifact is responsible for a series of "miracles" and "prophets" and "messiahs", alluding to the emergence of today's known religions. Do you remember Brotherhood in which the spear about Ezio artifact was broken? This is the Altair Paradise Apple.


    We know that the assassins were top athletes and carried the whole arsenal of weapons to fight. But their characteristic weapon is their wrist blade. In Assassin's Creed, we only had a wrist blade and on the hand we were wearing, we had a cut-off ring so that the blade slid in its sacrifice smoothly. In Assassin's Creed 2, Leonardo da Vinci modified the device and saved the finger, but it also enriched it with a Renaissance design and implemented a gun and a launcher of poisonous arrows in it. Plus he made another for the other hand. In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood we moved again from zero and no new convenience was added, we only got old functions back, and in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations we got on the secondary blade the extension of the hook with which we can easily penetrate and perform the task, which moves in the roofs and the walls, to fight and escape on the street. The remaining weapons remained the same. More features of the use of bombs have been added, which you have to learn to make with the bombers and collect ingredients scattered around Istanbul. Bombs can be deadly, as diversion and smoky, with different variations of each of these three classes. Deadly, for example, can be in the form of a poison that explodes after the phytophthalm is burned or in the form of a high explosive device with lead shrapnel that knocks on the impact and has a large radius of destruction. Variation has a lot, discover them yourself.

    As an experienced player of this series, I noticed some tiny but important innovations in the battle system. So far, the player was experienced after a short time in combat and knew how to use a counter attack against 10 enemies and went unharmed, but here really must have all the arsenal available. It has tough opponents that block and avoid all your attempts to attack, and when you get caught up with a huge ax and at the same time knock, you do not care. They have noticed them to the extent that you will now use the services of their assassins very often and rent mercenaries in the streets and make big-scale battles, which often involve up to 30 people. Your assassins are a team made up of individuals who have saved your life on the street and offered them a turning point in life, accepting them into the fraternity of Assassins and offering them the meaning of their emptiness. "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. "- the motto in which the assassins work, can sound a little anarchist and socially dangerous, but here comes an explanation of what it actually represents.

    Istanbul, or maybe Constantinople is really great and, very interestingly, almost completely unlocked at the beginning of the game. You can visit the whole city and get to know the different locations and buildings in the beginning, like some kind of parkour tourist. Unfortunately, your faithful companion horse isn't in his role, I assume because of the city's high complexity, the labyrinth of the streets and the lack of location outside the city walls. When passing beside the sights there is a popup with information about it, and some of the sights can be purchased and thus contribute to your inflow of cash into the bank. You receive money after successful missions, but every 20 minutes you get a swing at the bank. This bridle increases depending on the number of shops, bookstores, blacksmiths and sights that are in your possession. In order to be able to buy stores in the neighborhood, you must own that area by opening the lobby of the assassin.

    First you have to attack the templar lair and finish of the hard-to-catch and well-guarded captain of the lair and set up your own. The novelty of this game is that your towers attack the templars in some kind of tower version. You control your people and place them on the rooftops, set up barricades and engage yourself in a shootout . The problem is that these attacks often happen, they last for a few minutes and they are exhausting, and if you do not respond to the attack, you can not use the lair to send your assassins to missions, nor can you buy the shops around the district. After several lost battles, I realized that it was easier for me to surrender immediately to the battle and the lair, and then repeat the attack on the Templar captain. However, who loves tower games, let them tower, I'm not there for that.


    Multiplayer, introduced in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, is conceived on the principle of networked Animus, which is used to train infiltration and eliminate virtual enemies or to defend the virtual neural network belonging to the Templars, it becomes difficult to track these virtual in virtual. In short, Templars train and use agents as some type of antivirus, and the battlefield is the location you went through in games, little Rome, a little Firenze, a little bit of Jerusalem. Multiplayer fighting differs from single play fighting because it does not come down to the chest dash, two equally strong opponents could lose their way in battle. No, you are at the same time a hunter and a hunter, with one murderous attack and one weak defense - stealth. During the match, the players are scattered to each other as targets, so that at no time you are not without a hunter, and more hunters can suddenly catch the same target and you must be very careful.

    Your target is led by a small compass, but when you are at the target, you can again miss the kill by killing a bot that was innocent in the circle of people where your hunter was. If your hunter is acting like in a single play, jumping like a monkey around and running like a fly without a head, it will be easier to spot it, but it's more difficult to make the ultimate and potentially the most powerful stealth kill. If you behave like some crazy berserk, your character will notice you and have a chance to escape and hide, and your hunter can easily identify you as a target and so on. The ideal ratio is somewhere between Sam Fisher and Kratos, it's up to you to decide which style of play fits. Of course, depending on the modes of the game, the preferred style of the game changes, agility and skill give way to stealth and aggression.


    Graphically, in the last three sequences it's not much changed, a little polishing the Ubisoft Anvil engine and that's it. Computers that could play Assassin's Creed  should not have problems with Assassin's Creed: Revelations, but they could fix even a few things like clothes. When a person moves out of his staggering posture, for example, he falls, squat, appears to be dressed in clothing treated with Schwartzkopf - he does not bend and cling to under all weather conditions. Firenze, Rome, Istanbul - the clothes isn't bad. But at least it looks authentic. I would say that the game visually provides a lot, the Turkish capital is fascinatingly designed and designed with the cooperation of Ubisoft's subsidiaries across Europe: Mosques, markets, minarets. 

    This picture looks awesome in my opinion and it is one of my favorite scene in the entire game and I just had to put it here.


    What I regularly return to this series is the story. If you have not played, you have no other choice than starting to dive into it. Just do not like me to start in the crowd to look for hiding places, sit on the bench between two people and make yourself an Englishman, look at the buildings to see the best approach to climbing (the old core of the Dalmatian cities - IDEAL) and tickle your hand as if you have a wrist blade on it. To anyone who didn't played this game I can honestly say you should try it. But I can say that for all games in Assassin's Creed series.

    Rate this article Review of the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

    (4.06/5) 17 rates


    assacination cread i one of the finest game but it does not have place to sbjogate the new worl of thes part

    24 december 2018 10:36

    One of the best game in series in ac
    Sad ending

    28 march 2019 12:51

    The text looks kinda junky again, as if you copied and pasted it.
    I believe you did it, but from your word editor to here, so I believe it's not plagiarised.
    Great work!

    22 december 2018 02:19

    It's good, but the text is kinda weird

    22 december 2018 15:29

    nice job bro) 5

    22 december 2018 02:13

    Well written

    22 december 2018 21:33

    only problem is text but everything other is good :)

    24 december 2018 08:41

    Great article mate!

    22 december 2018 00:10

    Well done my fella, strange choice for the text though I gotta say.

    22 december 2018 17:07

    Well done
    Nothing to complain about keep going and improving

    21 december 2018 23:33