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    Julio_Lokin, 13 november 2017 19:58


    Neverwinter manages the basic elements of an MMORPG, with the thrill of action RPGs, making it a fun game.

    Neverwinter is a free action MMO to play developed by Cryptic Studios. Based on the acclaimed RPG Dungeons & Dragons, the game features all elements of a successful title: a good character creation system and a fun fighting game are just a few examples. However, although it is totally free, there are still some features to make the game stand out in the market.

    Storytelling and Character Creation

    The plot follows the classic D & D theme, with attacks on fortified cities, monsters hunting and villains to be defeated. Nothing too deep, but it provides some logic to the facts that are triggered in campaign mode.

    The character creation system plays an important role in any game of the genre. In Neverwinter, you will be able to choose from six races and five starting classes: Guardian Warrior, Warrior with Great Weapon, Witch Controller, Dedicated Cleric or Rogue Rookie.

    Each class progresses into three evolution trees, making the player go through an intriguing and in-depth process of experience. There are several options to choose from as well as having the ability to build your character exactly the way you want.

    Gameplay and combat

    The gameplay is pretty fluid. The player has access to tips and aids during the course of the game. With enough action and possibility of interaction to carry out strategic attacks, the fighting is exciting.

    Neverwinter has allied traditional elements of MMORPGs with action RPGs. The game has all the structure and organization of an authentic MMORPG, with mechanics of creating items, guilds and travel through the map between cities. However, in relation to combat, it has the face more of an action RPG, giving the control of attack and deviation to the character. By evolving into the level system, you will have access to a number of specific skills that can be activated with just one key.

    For free and without losing grace

    One of the most important points about the game is that it is free. You can play it without spending a penny and still access all the content. The Cash Shop, which uses a coin called Zen, sells items that are not essential but quite useful, such as mounts, mates, and more. But the price quite expensive.

    Creating Your Own D & D Style Adventures

    The most striking feature of Neverwinter is the player creation system. With Foundry, players are able to create their own D & D style missions using a complex and extensive dynamic set of tools that provides game components and a sandbox environment to create your own adventures, map and script. Once your creation is complete, players can post it so that other users can have fun and complete, with the right to receive rewards and experience points.

    The system is quite powerful and has already produced high quality content. Between learning how to use the complex editor, completing quests, and taking advantage of the various adventures being worked out, players can spend time on Foundry.


    Neverwinter is a very fun game, with great combat mechanics and character evolution. However, the lack of map exploration options causes you to gain some points against. The basic mechanics are well elaborated. Because of this, the title is one of the best free MMORPGs on the market. In addition, the dynamic adventuring system offers a differential.

    Rate this article REVIEW NEVERWINTER

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    this is good

    28 january 2020 17:07