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    Julio_Lokin, 13 november 2017 20:02

    Warface Review

    The FPS Warface, developed by the German Crytek (responsible for successes like Crysis 3 and Far Cry). Warface brings a game beyond the shot. It involves team strategy, which counts a lot.

    The game is set in 2023 when the nations collapsed and the Blackwood entity tries the world economy. To prevent this from happening, the player can choose between four classes of combatants (Marine, Medical, Engineer and Sniper) and join fellows to defeat the enemies.

    Each specialization brings unique skills and benefits. The Marines use heavy weapons and can reload the ammunition. Doctors can provide first aid and save the fallen. The Engineer has a wide range of explosives and repairs the vests, while the Sniper uses powerful precision rifles. It's no use for a team with only Marines. Balance is fundamental. Some missions for example, a Sniper is needed to go cleaning the area of enemies in windows while the marines finish off the soldiers on the ground

    There are 2 game modes. In cooperative mode, players form teams and follow a well-crafted plot against the computer. I noticed that every day new Coop missions appear on the server. Great for gaining experience by excluding any symptoms of monotony. PVP mode (player vs player) is "crazy". Take your team and "fall in" the combat. PVP is divided into Team Deathmatch, Destruction (ask for an airstrike in enemy positions and protect the command post), Storm (the attacking team must capture 3 defenders' command posts), Free For All one by itself), Capture and finally Plant the Bomb (explode the bomb on the enemy base). PVP really is fantastic. 15 maps available. Being able to choose between public battle or war between clans, this makes the game very fun.

    With a little virtual (or real) money you can buy weapons, equipment, accessories and skins. The game's store is pretty big, but it's important information: Many items are permanent, but some items can be used only once after purchase. The FN SCAR-H Crown machine gun, for example, will be with you for 1 day. So check it out and enjoy the time with your new features.

    By pressing the "U" key on the keyboard, you can enter information for the group or for everyone on the map with the "Y" key. The function for audio conversation (VoIP) leaves much to be desired. Even setting the sound does not look cool. Pressing the talk key does not roll anymore. At least you could have a permanent audio option. Want to talk to the team opt for TS (TeamSpeak) or Skype.

    The cool thing is that the game is prepared for a game without a microphone. With just one button, it is possible to warn your friends that you are injured or need ammunition. Yes, you can pass ammunition and recover the energy of your teammates during the game. That's why it's important to have a well-balanced team with all classes of fighters in the arena. Following the commands: "F1" calls the doctor, "F2" calls the Marine, "F3" calls the engineer and "F4" calls everyone.

    Graphically, the game was produced with the graphics engine CryENGINE 3. The look is very beautiful in the maximum configurations and has incredible light effects and shadows turning very well. Very rich scenery in detail. Houses and buildings, buildings destroyed, foliage. The diversity of the maps deserves to be highlighted. Before you want to destroy everything, you already follow the warning, that you can not destroy buildings in the scenario. Just shoot players and barrels. Special vehicles and High-tech Soldier complete the scene.

    "Granada", "I need Ammunition" are some of the phrases executed during the game. In Coop mode, the narration was perfect, much like Halo 3.

    Warface is a free-to-play FPS with show graphics! Variety of maps and game modes in PVP make the game a great option. Just invite your friends with some voice service out of the game and face the games.

    Rate this article Warface Review

    (4/5) 5 rates


    Hi I Very Very Very Love The Game😍😍😍😍

    6 april 2020 10:17