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    (4.55/5) 11 rates
    sozqq, 10 october 2018 16:38

    Review: Nantucket

    Although the creators of the game are apparently familiar with the novel "Mobi Dick" and did not rustle the original material, the game does not function too well as a continuation of novels on multiple levels, primarily symbolic and thematic. A similar attempt was made better by Scarface: The World is Yours, because "Scarface", with due respect, is not comparable to "Mobi Dick" and, although seriously undermined by the act of continuing, the basic theme of the film is nevertheless somewhat recognizable in the game, comes is the World is Yours quite interesting to play.

    The player is in the role of Ishmael (although, you can rename it, why not?), A narrator from the "Mobi Dick", now a self-proclaimed captain to build a whaling reputation and eventually confront a spoiler alert, although we all know where this is going, Mobi Dick. Writing can go from a quality point of view, but the sequel is not logical, because in the novel, Captain Ahab represents the destructive nature of obsession and fanatism, and ends with the object of his obsession, while Ishmael, who is present in the corrosive effect that is a pot of Mobi Dick left to Ahab, he is now doing everything in order to kill the white whale. Perhaps it would be better for the authors to express their inspiration to "Mobi Dick" in a more subtle way, instead of making a direct follow-on. Then we would then look at the game primarily from the player's angle. On the other hand, maybe it would not be better since Nantucket does not even brilliantly with the gameplay.

    The game is a hybrid of control simulation and RPG, which remotely resembles the Great Whale Road game, where you also travel as a figurine mapped world map, operate in static screen cities, manipulate resources, improve characters, and fight in a slack manner, even in GWR, despite the name, do not come in contact with whales. Fighting is decided by throwing dice, and random events have a percentage of the likely probability of outcomes. " RNG giveth, RNG taketh away," they say English and anglophiles, and when the RNG just cares that it "takes away ", computer peripherals may get hurt. We do not like the indie tendency developers to randomly charge each game with the random factor, obviously because the tag of roguelike guarantees good sales on Steam. Why solve everything randomly in a game that pretends to be on the one hand a keylogging simulation, and with another narrative experience directly fluttered on a literary classic, we really can not explain.

    Nantucket, otherwise, is disastrously disastrous. The weight of the game abnormally oscillates, and the foolish grind of randomly generated side missions and whaling is inevitable, so during the game, you will be riding hundreds of whales, while the in-game economy is also quite unbalanced. Whale fighting is extremely monotonous, animations last unnecessarily long, and because of the random nature of fights, random weather effects, and unavoidable dice, a serious tactical approach is not possible. Since you in the first half of the game, until you buy a large boat, you have only one action per round, and each kit for one missed attack can get your head. Somewhat interesting clash with legendary marine geniuses, but they are also undermined by the omnipresent RNGwith frost and there is no point in catching them with a boat without the strongest ship and crew. If you do not pay attention to where you are sailing, or you take off for buried treasure, you can come into conflict with pirates, which will promptly quell you if you do not have a specialist in fighting people. You will be able to afford that specialize only in the second half of the game, since, besides the whaling expert, you need craftsmen and scientists who unlock improvements for the boat, without which you can not watch a better vessel, which is a very dysfunctional system. Each boat has a limited number of crew seats and requires upgrades. In addition, attention should also be paid to your prestige that allows you to recruit senior-level sailors. Sailors have features to pay attention to, so half the world should sail to recruit desirable seafarers.

    When we are already among the desirable sailors, it should be noted that whaling is more than prone to hoodwinking and that there is a sodomite trait in the game, which may explain to the onomastics behind the whale's name Dick. You will be "honored" with the abundance of homoerotic moments. If you are determined not to stray troubled crew members (except on the board) by your boat, the game allows you to discourage the behavior concerned by screaming, which reduces the morale of your whalers. Since events happen randomly, it may happen that within half an hour all Whalers come to the cabin with indecent bids.


    Rate this article Review: Nantucket

    (4.55/5) 11 rates


    Güzel güzel

    7 november 2018 14:13