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    (4.75/5) 4 ratings
    Mrdox, 5 december 2017 20:18

    Review Metro: Last Light

    Metro The Last Light is the sequel to the Metro 2033 and the game is inspired by the novel by Dmitry Zhukovsky on behalf of Metro 2033, the game from the development of the Ukrainian studio 4Agames and the publication of deep silver after taking the rights from THQ, which recently declared bankruptcy due to financial problems, The world of the former part where humanity is struggling underground and in the devastated city of Moscow, where everything has been destroyed by a nuclear bomb. The rest of the survivors struggle for the rest of the scarce resources available and control an important area of tunnels where they are expected to be full of important resources. " And the coexistence of psychological conflicts because of the problems accumulated in his personality since his youth and during the first part of the story.

    The game takes place in an exciting world that gives a sense of the original world of the novel and quickly enters its atmosphere with the distinctive beginning. For the most important points of the game is the system of play. For the game the correction of the first perspective will be expected to be a traditional system but the creative studio added distinctive ideas distinguish them from others. These advantages in the previous part of the game,

    For example, the use of gas masks to travel between the areas of the outside world exposed to radiation and pay attention to the time remaining to you through the wrist in the wrist and switch filters to keep yourself from choking And of course do not forget the scarcity of lead and the use of lighting by manual shipping so the game offers a unique system In fighting through your choice of direct confrontations or infiltration and assassination of enemies using white weapons and by turning off the lights to facilitate infiltration, either by smashing or extinguishing manually all this freedom with a focus on the level of breathing and light and lead scarcity and the standard of life of testis.

    This atmosphere and the constant sense of concern is what the studio aims at and has succeeded in applying this in a distinctive way. When fighting, you and your enemies can hide behind the destructible barriers, which makes you a lot of movement and uses this game the same system of money in the previous part, the shiny shots you find in boxes and corpses Enemies are used in buying bullets for your diverse weapons and also for weapons development.

    In this game you will fight in general two different types of enemies, monsters and humans, while humans are very easy to infiltrate them in an exaggerated way because of the lack of artificial intelligence, which improves in direct confrontations they try to avoid your shots and hiding from them and the second type of enemies is fierce monsters of all kinds And different sizes that will not succeed with only direct confrontation and different ways for each monster Some monsters will need to use lighting to destroy their shields to eliminate easily.

    Rate this article Review Metro: Last Light

    (4.75/5) 4 ratings


    Well done, I like how you introduced the topic at the starting point however I can also identify that the article is incompleted but I give you some props for explaining the game itself. The scenarios, the gameplay & the environment. Overall, it's really good but you discontinue. 4/5

    1 june 2019 12:39

    next metro
    is very good and his story is after this game and so good
    have a good graphics

    2 november 2019 22:40

    nice article and useful
    this game is mazing and all of metro series is a good game and so cool

    2 november 2019 22:39