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    (4.5/5) 22 rates
    Mrdox, 20 april 2018 13:41

    Review Mad Max

    Mad Max has developed the famous Avalanche Studios with the Just Cause series and the famous publisher Warner Bros. This game has received a lot of attention in the past months. The game is linked to the world of Mad Max movies but the game is released on the same day with a giant game such as Metal Qir. The comments from the producers of the game that the game in the same world and there is no real link with the last film or characters, but followers are still keen to dive again in Mad Mad Max this time by playing an open world full of cars and exciting action and therefore we have done this review to see if presented The The game is expected to be worthy of the name of a Giant Cam Max or we should wait for years to come to see his game parallels the eagerness of this world (Mad Max).

    The game is a game of adventure and action filled with the characteristics of personal development and cars in an open world with an arid world of scarce resources as soon as you see the world to feel its vital in this world, but I understand the idea of the developer because this is actually what it is in the world of Mad Max Desert Arid and scattered rubble and scrap The wide world will not always be healthy. You will face sand and thunderstorms during play and its impact on your way of playing.

    Here he plays the character Max, who suffers from mental disorders from his previous memories and begins his adventure after being robbed of the most expensive possessions. He is working hard on his journey to develop a new car with the help of several different characters to avenge the enemies who robbed him of everything he owns and The Silent Lands.

    The battles in the game are two, the first is the battles of the famous cars in the adventures of Mad Max, you must develop your car by collecting scrap from different regions and work with the characters help to add new developments and tools to help you in the fierce battles in this wild world as the addition of flame launcher or spears and others, Most of the time of the game and as you progress in the story will be available to you further developments that will help you in your missions against various enemies Here we note some problems during the camera battles

    The second type is fighting the character Max in a direct hand in a manner similar to the fighting system in the famous game Batman and we note here that the fighting system works smoothly, especially with the development of the various abilities and skills that will need some of the scrap and the completion of some challenges to develop it do not forget here system ( Madness "), where, after successive damage to the enemies, you can reach a sophisticated stage of combat and you will be able to inflict greater damage on enemies and carry out more powerful and aggressive movements.

    So, as we have mentioned, your currency in this game is the scrap you will need to develop your car and some of the tools for your personality and even to open some skills but this is not all The game is full of challenges that you can perform at any time like killing a certain number of people in a specific way and when you end you will be given points to help you Develop some of the basic skills of Max, such as raising the level of vitality or less exchange of fuel and others. It will not be easy to get scrap, food or food. Colony or what One of the enemies and of course, do not forget to mention that the game contains firearms are considered as weapons assistant, but the scarcity of bullets will make them a solution finally Stguetsd in use for necessities only.


    A vast arid world is suitable for the nature of Mad Max with many side functions that will take your time a lot as well as car development options and Max upgrades

    Mad Max offers an adventure in an open world devoid of life in many aspects but with lots of fun, technical problems, camera problems and repetition make the game as good as best.

    Rate this article Review Mad Max

    (4.5/5) 22 rates


    Awesome game

    20 may 2018 13:42

    Nice game

    20 may 2018 11:59

    Süper game i dia

    2 june 2018 17:19

    really great graphics

    18 may 2018 19:20

    Nice but there was A error last time its Say page not found ;)

    26 april 2018 13:03

    Nice game

    18 may 2018 19:13

    Could be better if you have used sections for your article.

    12 june 2018 20:01

    nice game and good article the graphics look amazing and keep up the work

    25 december 2019 14:23

    this is a really good game

    26 march 2021 20:49

    Still haven't got around to this one yet. Soon...

    15 july 2018 10:05