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    Rate this article "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain"

    (4.21/5) 19 rates
    Mrdox, 20 april 2018 13:25

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    When we talk about the most successful series of games, Metal Gear Solid must be present here. We are not talking here of success confined to a certain aspect, such as the playing method or the technical level, but much further to include the story level and the artistic output with high productivity. Men in industry .. Hideo Kojima and his genius that does not stop every generation. It is worth mentioning that the last title Phantom Bin is the end of the relationship Kojima Kunami and thus the end of the chain as we have entrusted. Will this game be the end? This is what we will know in this review.

    We will not discuss any internal details of the story, it is not our business is not it? But by the time, this game is being played in 1984 after Pace Walker and Ground Zero for almost nine years, at a time when the Big Boss has turned from a legendary hero to the character we have entrusted in the series. To enjoy the story without messing it is recommended before you go into this adventure to have at least a briefing on the story of Part III and Peace Walker, in addition to the completion Ground Zero and available on the devices of this generation at a low price.

    The way of presenting the story is still characterized by the political nature of a nuclear weapon and others mixed with some historical events and science fiction in the form of a movie theater decorated with a twist and surprises and some of the mysteries that will only understand the tenth series from the beginning and is familiar with the details of her story deep. If you are looking for unique moments as you return series whether sad or funny or poetic, yes it is certainly there.

    The control system this time reached the highest stages of smoothness and speed, all in the interest of the world of open game. Conventional materials are once again used to hide enemies as squatting, squatting, boxing, camouflage, jogging or climbing. In the case of direct confrontation of enemies and the detection of your place will begin so-called system Rifflks so that a slowdown that allows you to pay the exact payment on the heads of enemies with the hypnotic gun or even kill them and dragged away so as not to see them others. In the case of direct contact with the enemy you can interrogate the enemy to obtain important information serving the mission, kill him, or make him lose consciousness in a combat manner.

    With all these options, dealing with the environment in the third perspective becomes more enjoyable than ever before. There are dozens of possible scenarios for you to make. You just need to experiment and learn from your mistakes in the future. There is a clear balance in the game. Every option you make will definitely affect the final result (for example, air strikes). Whether you want to sneak in full or in part or end some of the missions with a fierce fighting confrontation you will not feel any shortage. You will face a variety of enemies such as Russian soldiers, US troops and predators, but please do not kill Africa's child soldiers. What distinguishes artificial intelligence in the game AI is that it allows enemies to adapt to the way you play, which creates more vitality and little restriction in the world of the open game.


    Rate this article Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    (4.21/5) 19 rates


    probably the last good mgs

    22 may 2018 18:29

    Nice game play once in your life

    9 may 2018 09:47

    Heb xbox

    22 may 2018 16:40


    16 may 2018 21:20

    Have this game, still haven't finished it yet. So far its good.

    20 may 2018 13:14

    too bad konami screwed the series

    30 may 2018 22:34

    Good game i play all Metal Gear Soild Games

    18 may 2018 19:14

    Have this game and still haven't finished the story but its really good so far.

    20 may 2018 13:13