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    Rate this article "A Female lead Action Indie Game - Bleed [Steam]"

    (4.89/5) 9 rates
    noobda, 21 april 2018 21:01

    A Female lead Action Indie Game - Bleed [Steam]

    A female protagonist game which is from the Action genre and is quite fun to play, and to mention that there is also a sequel of this game called Bleed 2 which is quite similar and fun too. This game is not a free to play game, its a paid game on steam store available for all the Operating systems including MAC OS, Linux and windows obviously, steam OS also included....

    Lets find out more about this game...

    This is an Action Indie game which is somehow a 2D platformer type of game involving firing and shooting, all these action packed things are to be done with a female protagonist named Wryn, well the name sounds different to some but the game is qutie fun to play once you get right into the main action parts of the game. So as the game is not a free to play game out of the box, you have to buy the game in order to try the game, so get to know completely before purchasing the game in order to avoid the pain of regret, but many might like the game depending the fast paced action scenes in the game.

    In case you're wondering how the gameplay looks like, here's an screenshot of the gameplay....

    Did I mention that this game has retro Pixel graphics to have fun with, and yeah such a game with such graphics might run like butter on wide range of computers smoothly, well I am referring the old PCs with no graphics at all... So, lets jump straight into the gameplay of this game...

    The game has 7 levels with different bosses at the end of each level, and the fun part starts where you can play the game Multi player in co-op mode with your friends (if any). There are some modes in the game namely, The Arcade Mode, Survival mode [the actual game], and the Challenge mode to experiment with, either way you'll find yourself playing the main base game survival mode quite often. Lets go through some information from the steam page of this game...

    • Single Player game
    • Multi player mode [Actually the Co-op mode]
    • Split screen support on LAN/locally or on the same screen
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 32 achievement available]
    • Release Date: 3rd July, 2013
    • Developer: Ian Campbell
    • Publisher: Ian Campbell
    • Very Positive reviews on steam as of now
    • Game tagged as Female Protagonist game
    • Has Steam Trading Cards [Drops 3 out of a total of 5 cards, well the three cards that drop are obtained just by playing the actual game, the rest can be obtained either by trading or by purchasing from the steam market]
    • Has Full controller support
    • Has steam leaderboards for comparision and scores

    The game is quite fun to play as long as you like fast paced action games and play accordingly... Well the base rule is that 'you'll like a game as long as you enjoy playing the game'... So, lets find out the minimum system requirements of this game to be able to run on our machines...
    > Requires a Processor that's 2.0GHz or higher with a Dual Core CPU or higher
    > 2Gigs of RAM is quite suficient for the game to run
    > 256 MB of video memory is required along with support for shader v2.0 or higher than that, well obviously the game can be run along with Intel HD graphics at max graphics as these are just pixel graphics but you might notice even some such pixel graphics games require a lot of video memory and power....
    > The game occupies 350 MB of hard drive storage
    > Direct X version required is v9, well in case you don't have the appropriate version, steam will auto download the required direct x files automatically the first time you start the game...
    > Full controller support is available natively, so you might be able to play with gamepads that have xinput on them, or you can just configure any gamepad to run with xbox360 controls with third party softwares

    The game is quite simple yet fun, the only downside to be found is that the game is quite short, the actual 7 levels in the game can be completed in a jiffy but the fun this game offers is quite facinating, and astonishing. You'll love the game for sure if you're into Indie games which are Action shooting based or 2D platformer type.... But some gamers might not find such games attractive, so be sure to check out some gameplay videos before purchasing the actual game, as this game is not a free to play game and neither is the DEMO available to try the game for free... Overall, a short and simple game packed with loads of fun, not to mention that this game has Wryn...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Female lead Action Indie Game - Bleed [Steam]

    (4.89/5) 9 rates


    Nice game man

    20 may 2018 15:29

    Good game good gereksim

    8 may 2018 19:27


    21 may 2018 21:35

    Nice game

    19 may 2018 20:51

    Nice game

    2 may 2018 15:44