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    Rate this article "A Sequel to the Female lead Action Indie - Bleed 2 [Steam]"

    (4.27/5) 11 rates
    noobda, 22 april 2018 03:47

    A Sequel to the Female lead Action Indie - Bleed 2 [Steam]

    This game Bleed 2 is the sequel of the game Bleed on steam which was available for windows, Linux and MAC on steam, and the same applies for this part also. The gameplay is slightly better and lasts quite a bit unlike the old version of this game which was actually short but those fast paced action shooting instances were pretty good. Lets find out if this game is the same or better....

    Bleed 2:
    This time unlike the old Bleed, its tagged as an Arcade game instead of Action Indie game with Female Protagonist, we all can see that this game is a clear sequel of the game with the same character Wryn but lets get to know more about the game. This time around unlike the previous game having only 7 levels with predictable bosses, we now have randomly generated levels and its quite facinating to have such thing. The game is updated quite once in a while which adds qutie to it considering the fact that the game was already on the store from over a year. This game is not a free to play Indie game just like the old one, its a paid game on steam which is available for both Windows and Linux/Steam OS along with MAC. The pixel graphics are carried over from the older game which actually are a thing for such games these days.

    In case you're wondering how the game looks like, here's a screenshot, and yes its quite similar to the old game in many many ways but here the number of levels and possibilities is quite more than the older game...

    In case you are wondering if there's anything new at all in this game, actually this game is qutie kind of similar to having a sequel of the old game instead. This game has more levels and is it doesn't just end in a few hours of playing, this game has more than 7 levels and 7 boss fights for sure. And this time around its quite random but you'll notice that its not that random to be precise but at least its ok.

    Lets go through some information from the steam store page about this game....

    • Single Player Game
    • Local Co-op Mode on LAN
    • Release Date: 8th Feb, 2017
    • Developer: Ian Campbell [Same guy from the Bleed Game]
    • Publisher: Ian Campbell
    • Very positive reviews on steam so far
    • Tagged as Bullet Hell and Shoot 'Em Up
    • Has support for split screen
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 33 achievements are available]
    • Has Steam Trading Cards [This game drops 4 out of 8 trading cards in total just by playing the game and the rest can be aquired by trading or by purchasing from the steam community market]
    • Has Steam cloud saves
    • Has Steam leaderboards
    • Has Full controller support just as the older game with similar controls
    • Well this game stated that it had more than 7 levels but you'll find that this game also has 7 levels only, but the thing here is more numeber of bosses which makes you play quite a bit more aggressively, there are around 25 bosses in those 7 levels
    • There is an Achievement in the game which is generally unlocked by playing the game at very hard or higher difficulty level, which is Arcade Clear Achievement
    • There is an Endless mode where you'll be playing quite the game but with randomly generated levels unlike the arcade and story mode of the game, and this is where you'll notice the game is quite a bit nice...
    • Even this game has a quite a short story mode just like the older one, but there is the ENDless mode, right!

    So, will I be able to run this game, well the answer is 'If you're barely able to play the older variant of this game, then you might need a bit more juice to be able to run this game smoothly' but you can manage to run this game on almost any potato PC for sure which is available these days. Anyway lets go through some system requirements of this game...

    > Requires a 2.0 GHz Dual core processor or higher
    > 2GB of RAM is sufficient
    > This time around the graphics memory required is qutie a bit double but you can even run the game with Intel HD graphics but with around 512 MB of memory, and yeah with the shader version 2.0
    > The game occupies around 500 MB of storage on the hard disk
    > Directx required is version 9

    Here is an image of the main character Wryn from this game,

    This game has the same essense of its older variant Bleed but with more demanding gamplay experience and more action than the old one. Bleed 2 has more randomly generated levels in its mode so called Endless mode where you'll be playing qutie a bit aggressively for sure, and the story line is quite the same unlike the number of boss fights in the game is increased drastically from the older one. This game is pretty good for fast paced action shooter Indies, this game has retro pixel graphics which bring out some older nostalgia... Overall a fun to play game for sure

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Sequel to the Female lead Action Indie - Bleed 2 [Steam]

    (4.27/5) 11 rates


    game looks nice. wishlisted.

    22 may 2018 18:28