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    Rate this article "A small Hard to Play Indie Game - Win The Game! [Steam]"

    (4.62/5) 21 rates
    noobda, 23 april 2018 19:25

    A small Hard to Play Indie Game - Win The Game! [Steam]

    The game is absolutely about winning the game and the pace and coplexicity in the game is quite simple, you'll love the way the game is designed which makes it quite addicting for quite some time even if you fail at the game so hard. And one more thing to note, that this game is quite not a free to play game instead its not even a heavily priced game, it costs a few cents on the steam store available only for windows.

    Lets find out more about the game in detial...

    Its quite a fun game which requires some skill to play, well you just need to adapt to its gameplay which helps you play better in this game. Actually its designed such that it'll be hard to beat the game, and thus the name of the game... Win The Game.... This is just a tiny indie game which requires no description, as the gameplay itself describes the game completely including the name of the game. This game got some really nice controls which are pretty basic, well they are just up, down, left and right and include a jump key for obvious reasons as well as the up key does the same thing. 

    This game is not that quite hyped and famous game which lead to the fact that this game is very low key in the steam store, either way every game has its own spot in the level of fame and fan base. For instance some people like No Man's Sky for some reason and some people just don't want to hear such names for quite some time, well it all depends also on personal preference. 

    In case you're wondering how the gameplay looks like, the above screenshot shows everything about the game. And I have to mention this game is pretty infamous but the number of Steam achievements this game has might amuse you, as this game has 4757 Steam Achievements, which make this game one of a type and is absolutely recommended for those guys who are looking for Achievement hunting. Well, now lets go through some steam statistics about this game from the steam store....

    • Single Player Game
    • Has No Steam Trading Cards
    • No Steam Cloud saves
    • No Controller support for your xbox gamepads or after market joypads
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 4757 achievements are available]
    • Has over 40 levels in the game
    • Had to mention that the achievements are quite fun as well, and some of those achievements are even helpful in your steam profile showcase as they have alphanumerical achievements which also include some symbols and characters
    • Release Date: 6th April, 2018
    • Developer: AFBIK Studios
    • Publisher: AFBIK Studios
    • As of now very less reviews recommend this game as this game is just out on the steam store
    • Tagged as Indie Action Game
    • The game is all about a BALL to be 100% honest and the placement of that ball in different levels
    • The achievements in this game are quite obtainable by just running the game and almost doing nothing gives you a bunch of achievements for sure, but in order to hunt them all you have to be sure to do some placement stuff in the game

    So this new game so called Win The Game! run on potato computers? well by looking at the gameplay you must get an idea that this game doesn't require any super hitech equipment to play this game, you'll just need some decent CPU and you're good to go... Either way lets find out the recommended system requirements of this game...
    > A 2.0 GHz processor with Dual Core or higher clock speeds
    > 1GB of RAM is more than enough but you'll be requiring more than that if you're running steam and this game along with a bunch of active tabs on Chrome
    > The game occupies around 250MB of storage space on hard disk
    > Directx version required v9, which will be installed the first time you launch the game from steam
    > The graphics memory required to play this game is quite less around 512MB but you'll be fine running this game with Intel HD graphics on some decent performing CPUs

    Getting to a conclusion on a game that's just out is quite unfair but as of now the game looks like just a decent game but with a hell lot of Steam Achievements, around 4.5k achievements which are more than normal number of achievements in a normal steam game. Go for this game without any doubt if you're especially after Steam Achievements as this game requires very less effort to achieve those 4.5k Achievements.... Overall just a nice little indie game with some smooth gameplay regardless the short time span of the game...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A small Hard to Play Indie Game - Win The Game! [Steam]

    (4.62/5) 21 rates


    Nice review and because of this, I play this game daily :D

    13 may 2018 16:23

    best game ever

    11 june 2018 21:43

    i like the game ..and the way you present the article! great work..😌

    22 may 2018 04:47


    14 may 2018 21:29

    I like your game like

    14 may 2018 19:02