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    (4.89/5) 18 rates
    tan_thongruk, 24 april 2018 03:33

    Dual Gear

              I believe that many people who through the late 90s console game will be familiar with the name of the game FRONT MISSION, a game planner under the circumstances of the tension. SquareSoft's popular game, Square Enix, is no different from Final Fantasy ... but for some unknown reason. The game is missing from the game industry. After the hunt. This is a game to shoot crushed instead ... but today. There is an Indy game development team. The concept of the famous game in the past. Powered by HD video with the game called "Dual Gear"

               "DUAL GEAR" is a game of the development team "Orbital Speed Studio", a game development studio by the Thai people! Used in the classic game plan. Merged with the image Most modern 3D Unreal Engine 4

                The player will be the leader of the Dual Gear Puppetry unit to bring his own units to fight in various missions. The game will have a command game. Combined with forced action, crush.And there will be a system to create their own. Through the modification of independent weapons. Including the Challenge Challenge. To find a weapon And high-end equipment.
                DUAL GEAR will tell the story in the era of space engineering. Alternative energy sources are discovered in space. World powers and the International Space Station Has made a joint venture to create the "Gaia Belt".Gaia Belt was the start of mechanical engineering in 2101. During the Gaia Belt test, a group of insurgents attacked the Gaia Belt. Make this station hit the world. As a result, the Earth's atmosphere is damaged. Trinity Element or TEC. The company responsible for creating Gaia Belt blamed other research groups. In case of weak protection They began to turn their backs on the industry for space exploration. But it's geared towards creating. Military Equipment And started the research project "High Performance Combat Robot" called DUAL GEAR.And TEC is a strong arms trade organization since then.

               DUAL GEAR is a two-legged warfare weapon based on a space engineering plan. The DUAL GEAR or DG is manufactured by Trinity Element
    (TEC). After the Gaia Belt attack, they decided to develop a full-scale war weapon. And do sell for use in mercenary units or anyone who pays ...

               Playing this game The key is "GP gauge". Every movement, both dashing, dodging, walking, it will always cost the GP and fighting in this game. Combining real-time shooting and skill-based cut scenes, the game features Action Skill that combines two Action Points (APs) and Generator Output (GP). There is always a need to use these two parts. For example, a target with more than one goal will have to spend 1-2 APs and one GP.

    The tsunami I believe that this game is full!

    The look of the command looks really, but it really took people to play the game plan, it would be difficult to adjust.

    The game has a "distance" like the Front Mission!

    The game is a mixture of action games. It makes the gesture out like playing a high-speed crush game. (Actually a turn based)

    Uncategorized on Unreal 4 style, which stimulates the bloodthirsty gore of the steel puppeteer immediately see the trailer.

    Damage charge Split into pieces If any parts are damaged severely. It will make the weak performance.
    In the left arm to the left. Arms installed on the left arm. It is not available at all.

    Multiple Lock Multiple missile missile targets in this game take off the prototype without any distortion!

    The enemy in this game is not just a robot. Do not despise the firing power of the turret. This is so ordinary ... so keep it first.

    Rate this article Dual Gear

    (4.89/5) 18 rates


    Cool game good job

    2 june 2018 13:15

    Looks fun

    23 may 2018 15:01

    Thats a nice thing

    21 may 2018 17:16

    Too many images compared to text.

    14 june 2018 19:12

    Game looks amazing

    21 may 2018 12:24

    want THIS game Gift me it please

    25 april 2018 14:36

    i like the edit

    18 may 2018 02:34

    Omg thats nice

    19 may 2018 21:01

    Sounds fun

    10 may 2018 07:40

    Awseome and this is a greate game actually

    14 may 2018 08:54