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    (4.67/5) 6 rates
    sozqq, 26 april 2018 00:59

    Review: Ember

    Ember fell on fans of classic RPG party games, as unexpected discounts - for fans of the iPhone. The page on Steam bombarded those who were stunned by the unexpected happiness of the players with beautiful screenshots and promises worthy of the best of the best - for example, Pillars Of Eternity and Divinity Original Sin. Here is an epic story for twenty hours with elaborate characters, incredible adventures and humor; and a story with many branches; and non-linear quests with the ability to choose their own way and determine the fate of the characters; and companions with their prehistory; and an in-depth system of "crafting", allowing both bread to bake, and magical outfits to create. And all this - for two hundred rubles! Not a game, but a miracle and a holiday of some sort ...

    Let 's say at once: a miracle for two hundred rubles, of course, did not happen. Although the game is very trying and honestly fulfills its money. It is really pretty and somewhere even looks stylish, and the design and architecture of local cities and temples are worthy of the best representatives of the genre. The folder with screenshots is updated with new pictures faster than the game log - quests.

    And he replenishes actively. The plot can really be called epic, rich in numerous events, adventures and characters. And the most interesting of them is actually the main character. To begin with, he ... is dead and belongs to the ancient and long-extinct race of light bearers. They were the only ones able to communicate and interact with embers - small miracle-creatures that once literally fell from the sky and gave this world life and light. And they did it with the help of light bearers.

    So, as it turns out, our hero is one of the light bearers who was killed a long time ago in battle. He lost not only his life, but also his memory, his own personal companion-ember, and even his heart-they literally cut him out and sold him somewhere. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the game, the hero is successfully resurrected and given an important mission - to save the world that will be bent after the total disappearance of the embers, who have lost support and communication with their ancient luminous friends. 

    In the process, you will have to visit several large cities, the goblin library, giant mountains, the necromancer's lair, a lot of forests, fields, tombs, dungeons and even a prison called Bastille - in general, there will be enough adventures for the claimed twenty hours. And all this is supported by a good study of the universe - there are always thick books about the history of this world.

    Battles in Ember, like in many classic RPG party games, take place in real time, but with the ability to put a tactical pause at any moment to assess the situation, order the hero and companions where to go, whom to beat and what skill to use. Control and interface in tactical mode at first seem uncomfortable. But you quickly get used to them and change your opinion to the exact opposite.

    Pause must often be used - enemies, especially at Hard difficulty level, are forced to sweat and use all skills, potions and tactical maneuvers. Some of the opponents (like some quests) turn out to be simply too tough for you - you need to "pumping", shaking enemies and performing tasks in other locations (the good of many of the monsters are reborn), and come later. And already the battles with the "bosses" make one remember the most difficult fights from the best party RPGs. 

    The main secret of survival in combat is the competent selection and use of skills. And with this is an interesting feature of the game - skills, active and passive, tied to a specific weapon and armor. That is, to study and improve them is not necessary, but you need to constantly change equipment. You can get a few identical swords, but one gives, for example, a double blow, and the other lets you jump into the crowd of enemies, stunning them. And often before complex fights you have to change weapons - for example, when dealing with mages, it is better to use not a double blow, but an attack blocking their spells. 

    Equip you buy, "knock out" of the enemies or make personally. Kraft in Emberpaid much attention - you can collect a bunch of recipes, extract ore, work in the smithy and even at the loom. Plus, the enchantment of objects by runes, alchemy, the production of useful food at the stake (it restores health, energy, temporarily increases "stats" and so on). There is even fishing with the ability then to fry some okunka.

    Rate: 8/10

    Rate this article Review: Ember

    (4.67/5) 6 rates


    great article but if you put in a couple of images it would have been way better but keep up the great work

    25 december 2019 14:22

    Well done, but could have more images.>>

    18 june 2018 07:29