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    (4.23/5) 13 rates
    sozqq, 4 december 2018 19:31

    Review: Immortal Planet

    The phrase that is already all over our head, and we will meet it more and more often: "Like Dark Souls, but ..." What we will do, too many studies seem to be competing for who will repackage the famous hit from FromSoftware in a more effective way. This is another "SoulsBorne" title or, in the absence of a better explanation, the game is tough as a black country. However, instead of another mention of the Souls series, we could say that Immortal Planet is like The Surge, but with an isometric perspective. OK, it is obvious that Immortal Planet is inspired by the titles of FromSoftware, especially since they are directly downloaded from all the basic mechanics and packed in 2D.

    Just like his spiritual templates, Immortal Planet begins with a "cold shower" - there is no explicit explanation why, how, who, where and who, the game already puts the first opponent before you. The authors of this title have opted for the style of narration that appears in the Dark Souls game, with plenty of cryptic messages and a host of details hidden in the descriptions of the items that you will collect. You control the steadfast Awakewalker, that is, the Bushman, the immortalist who wakes up from the cryosphere on a planet where all the inhabitants are aggressive and foolish. All of a handful of people have remained in common sense and they carry most of the narration. 

    Holding leverage with soulsborne games goes completely through the gameplay and interface. After all, as soon as you see the line for health and stamina (green and yellow), as well as four slots for objects, you will be clear on what you are. However, in IP it is becoming more and more intense, so you only have one attack button, and to avoid the beat, instead of rolling on the floor, there is a small dash move. The fight is somewhat slower than the typical games of this subgenre, with thoughtful power measurement. However, this does not mean that the fight is easier, especially because the stamina is consuming scary fast. It literally consumes everything, except for walking and using the object. Luckily, opponents are also tired. An interesting mechanic is to "awaken" the weapon by holding the push button for an attack that shifts it to another mode and, depending on what you wear, it can increase the range, add to the stamina or add a new combo. Our favorite weapon is a fiery katana that gives the ability of a dash (as Genji in Overwatch) and leaves a flaming trail, but we will leave you to find it in the world of the Immortal Planet.

    Given that it is still an indie project, the Immortal Planet does not abound in locations and objects. In addition to the three initial weapons (which you choose when making a character), there are even more handfuls, and you are going to burn and respawn through four zones, for which complete research does not take more than six hours. True, the real end of the game is seen only after you have switched to the so-called Nightmare mode (something like New Game +), but for players who scarcely breathe a living head through the basic campaign, this will not have much significance. There are also some really strange moments in the design of the game, such as the fact that you are locked away for further attacks if only one enemy is attacking you or that there is a random chance of locking you up one of the strongest robots every time you open the suitcases with the equipment. On the other hand, the visual style is very appealing and overlooked, with sharp edges and clearly visible polygons, and you can also launch the game on the toaster, which can not be said even for the first Dark Souls.

    Like the games that served as an inspiration, the Immortal Planet is a title for specific players who are not discouraged when they see the message " You Died!" On the screen for the hundredth time.

    Rate: 6.5/10

    Rate this article Review: Immortal Planet

    (4.23/5) 13 rates


    İt looks very nice

    5 december 2018 09:29

    Story is a mess but its ok overall

    11 december 2018 12:21

    Good job bro

    5 december 2018 08:14

    Its good looks nice woow immortal planet seems good

    6 december 2018 11:48

    Wow so good GG lah

    5 december 2018 07:52

    It good
    Add bold titles for future projects to make the lecture easier

    4 december 2018 21:54

    Nice hopefully it's not just a recopy

    5 december 2018 06:16

    Nice game

    21 june 2019 11:03

    Sounds very interesting

    6 december 2018 06:52

    Cool game

    6 december 2018 21:19