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    sozqq, 11 march 2018 22:44

    Review: Hero Generations

    The authors of Hero Generations position their game as a kind of mixture of Civilization and The Legend of Zelda . Under this flag they successfully conducted a campaign on Kickstarter and collected for the project, which looks like "kazualka" from smartphones, almost 50 thousand dollars. However, we would say that Hero Generations is more like - you're sorry for the tautology - to the successor of the Rogue Legacy . 

    So, at the start you get the first hero (or heroine), young and inexperienced. He will have to explore a large territory full of dangers. The map is hidden by the "fog of war". Moving on the cages (one cage - one move), we gradually open it, discovering different enemies, the lair of monsters, the city, some altars, farms, shops, forests and rivers. When you are on the same cage with the enemy (those too are constantly moving), the game automatically starts the battle. The result is determined by the roll of the virtual cube, but it takes into account the strength and damage indicators: the more they are, the higher the chance to win.

    For the victory we get fame and money, and then in the store you can buy, for example, some sword-kladenets, increasing strength. Money is also automatically collected when visiting certain locations, such as farmer fields and gold mines. And on the cage denoting the forest, you will stumble upon the chest, from which an artifact or a pouch of coins will randomly drop out. 

    Nobody forbids to switch from the map to the map after the opening of the passage to the new world, on the contrary - the pioneers give out their portion of glory. In this case, you do not just explore the terrain - on each territory there are different quests: to kill such an especially large "boss", to clear all the forests from monsters, to destroy the lair of monsters. Plus global tasks: to visit all six accessible worlds or to kill all "bosses".

    Added a strategy to RPG. On the cells adjacent to the cities, you can build a variety of useful buildings - the same farm, mausoleums, towers and so on. With a certain periodicity they will produce money or, for example, bottles that increase your strength. Then there will be "upgrades" of buildings, allowing you to get more powerful bonuses. True, the buildings are gradually dilapidated, so in addition to the sword or shield it is useful to carry a hammer with you - with it you automatically repair the building.
    However, it's more important that our hero or heroine grows old with every turn. Initially, the character is given a certain number of years of life, and each move takes one year. Defeats in battles also shorten the time allotted to you. And you can increase it by visiting special locations and structures that produce special elixirs. 

    After an ennumber of years from a young character, the character turns into a young one, then into a middle-aged man or woman, then becomes an old man and finally an old man. At each such stage, not only the appearance changes (wrinkles, grazes and gray hair appear), but also the characteristics of the force: up to and including the middle age, it increases, and then decreases.

    If for the time allotted by destiny and game your character will not have time to leave the heir, then his generation will end on this, and the all-destroying "gamerover" will come. To prevent this from happening, you need to visit any of the nearest cities on time and choose a "partner" there - no matter what, a man or a woman (tolerance reigns here!). True, not everyone can agree: each applicant has his own requirements for the level of fame earned by you for winning battles, researching and performing quests. But the more demanding partner, the better heir you will get.

    After the couple retires in the house, a kind of mini-game begins. You open special cards that give different bonuses to a future son or daughter: an increase in strength or life expectancy, additional gold or fame at the start, as well as some special character trait that, for example, allows you to steal some of the gold from the defeated enemy. So, the better the partner, the more cards you can open and the more they are powerful. And, of course, this is influenced by your own achievements - the level of fame, age, special skills and even equipment (she will inherit the offspring).
    In order for cities to be richer and better to choose a future husband or wife, they need to be rebuilt, and for this purpose it is necessary to build more buildings on neighboring cells and "pump" them - the settlements grow in size, and more future partners appear in them. 
    Thus, from a combination of a number of factors, from your own tactic of passage each time a unique family tree is formed. Here you decide what is best: continue to fight and explore or it's time to think about heirs, spend money on construction (with each generation new types of buildings and "upgrades" are opened) or to buy powerful artifacts, climb into some new world or, considering the advanced age, to be closer to the explored cities.

    It should be remembered that in a few generations a gloomy prophecy will necessarily occur, and there will be some global cataclysm - every time it passes, it is generated randomly, like maps and quests. You need to prepare for this by visiting a special location and following a number of conditions.

    Rate: 7/10

    Rate this article Review: Hero Generations

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    Nice job

    25 february 2020 10:18

    are you searuse that the game to play ?

    14 december 2019 05:13