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    (4.5/5) 2 ratings
    sozqq, 11 march 2018 22:47

    Review: Helldivers

    There is a man's desire for beauty - the desire for the stars, the desire to see other planets, a dream with a sharp bayonet shred innumerable representatives of another civilization. Not all of you are Star Trek, fantasy is different. Warhammer 40K, "Starship Troopers" or at least "The Ender's Game" - no extra diplomacy, only violence and destruction. 

    Soldier who joined the Hellfire Squad is first of all reminded that he is going to defend Super Earth - an ideal planet on which, according to statistics, 100% of the inhabitants are happy. There is no quarrel, no conflict, no crime: and only the outer cosmic threat is hindering total prosperity. Therefore, young people from all over the world go to the armed forces to fight for a just cause.

    Having hooked on a massive armor with coats of arms, signs and patterns in gray-gold tones, the paratrooper gets his own spaceship and is free to go anywhere. The map on its bridge is arranged as simply as possible: in the center - the Motherland, around - the enemies. To the right, you will come across huge beetles. To the left - you will meet robots, who decided to defend their own freedom. And from below you will find the Enlightened, who are guilty, in fact, only because they have weapons more powerful than ours, and the government decided to declare war for preventive purposes. 

    While you are determined with the task, here and there looming propaganda: political reports, statistics on all the killed, killed and killing right now. The war is not won alone - the same as you, soldiers in Helldivers work together, and the map of the galaxy is reshaped in real time. Each sector, highlighted as ours, was indeed won over by collective efforts. Each of the three fronts is judged by points of influence: at the time of writing the review, Admiral Desant directed all efforts towards the beetles, but the war with high-tech aliens is not particularly popular. 

    On average, one conquered planet brings 8 - 10 points of influence into the global offset. To capture one region (not even to win the war) you need more than 3 thousand points. And when the troops advance to the enemy capital, an epic battle is coming, also requiring collective efforts. The defeated race will drop out of the race until the others are defeated. And the battle will begin again! Once again! And further. And further…

    However, our business is small - to choose a region, a planet of suitable complexity and go to a sweep. 
    Having chosen the planet for your teeth, a private soldier must perform several missions on it. On a small section of the territory, tasks were noted: to seize the area, to launch a rocket from the mine, to deliver the cargo, to accompany the survivors after the disaster.

    The location is always boring and monotonous. It can be an icy desert, a swamp or sand dunes - the essence is immutable. In addition to important points, there is nothing that would be worth exploring. Another important thing is that it is executed as a small labyrinth, the level allows you to rotate wide maneuvers and retreat for a long time. What's fucking important. 

    The planet teems with enemies. If you stop and look at the radar, it will show all the life around. About the paratrooper until no one knows. Counting your movements, you can stay in the shadows and finish the mission without attracting attention. If you still had to face someone face to face, not everything is lost: it's only a scout, and there are 2-3 seconds to kill it before raising the alarm. But the alarm is just a big problem.

    Enemies begin to teleport to the paratrooper on the head and bring down from under the ground. They are not just tens or hundreds. They run faster, their guns do not overheat and do not refuse. The ordinary mortal before them is practically powerless. And here the pride of the Hell's Destroyer comes into play, the stratagems are beacons the size of a tennis ball, on which artillery is aimed. 

    Further picture will be a special pleasure for fans of Warhammer. The paratrooper chooses the necessary stratagem, throws it into the midst of enemies, waits for a few seconds, and from space in the huge metal capsule lands a six-barrel turret that opens fire around all living things. Meanwhile, the call of another "ball" has already arrived a huge humanoid robot, in which you can crush the enemies in five or even ten times more efficiently.

    Salt is that the enemies on the planet do not end forever, and the only way to fight off is to kill everyone faster than they manage to call for help. In a minute of silence (before meeting with the next patrol), you can have time to activate air defense, launch a rocket or blow up a beehive. Then you need to get to the point of evacuation, call your own, wait for a minute and a half and fly away peacefully. 

    Back on the ship, counting the experience and the collected improvement points, it is useful to see what new stratagems have become available and what weapons have been opened. You can just dress up the paratrooper (who probably already received a promotion), and then it's time to rush into battle again. 

    It seems that this is a kind of Crimsonland. Alone so it is: before us is a meat shooter with a view from above, in which there are always more enemies, cartridges are always missing, and before the saving ship is always a little bit. The missions are short and almost the same, there are few types of opponents. But it's not close to real Helldivers . For some reason alone, the paratrooper can not even have a level of difficulty just above the "easy".

    When a company of four people gathers (especially behind one console), the fighting power of the detachment increases exponentially. It is clear why: you can cover all four sides of the world simultaneously, move with dashes, assign the person responsible for the map and generally shoot more. 

    However, instead of starting to ultimately defeat the enemy, the party turns into a suicide party. First, some clever man throws a stratagem under his comrade's feet - and in a second a box with cartridges fell from the sky. Okay, throw another ball, this time with the ally's call. And he, by itself, decides to fall on his head to someone else. And monsters do not wait and come from all fronts.

    Friendly fire? Of course! The arms of the paratroopers are powerful and cut down their colleagues for a couple of shots. Therefore, when a comrade-in-arms was surrounded, you can not just fire at him, hoping to "help". By the way, this is true for any automatics: the soldier between the turret and the enemy is obviously dead. To do this, even a separate button is provided - "to fall face down", in case of volley. 

    What else? All is well, one can kill each other with a grenade, crush a car, burn from a flamethrower. And my personal favorites for the degree of idiocy are players who activate explosives to destroy an entire enemy hive, without looking where their friends are. They as a result do not have time to run away, but do not let the "explosives" go beyond the screen. Dead all, hurray! 

    Teamwork in Helldivers above all. This is the most powerful cooperative, where real victories can be achieved only by intuitively understanding each other. In the hands you can take only four stratagems, so you have to agree in advance on who the ammunition and treatment (no classes in the game there). You need someone to take a scouting droid, and someone - a dreadnought. 

    And of course, the main thing: for any action in the game, whether it's a quest quest or a mate's call, you need to knock out a certain sequence on the cross: up-down-down-right, for example. Or eight buttons. Or ten. Wrong on the last character - drive in again. And the opponents will not wait. In the most stressful situations, a team defending air defense is ready to curse the curved captain, who is stymied for the fifth time.

    The game with random people in such conditions is a lottery, as always. Sometimes there come sensible people, in a team with which even complex missions manage to pass without raising the alarm (which is almost impossible). And with the other you six times in a round fell with their own machine gun, because they can not guess that you need to shoot in different directions.
    In all this madness of accidental deaths, murders, in attempts to cooperate and understand each other under the onslaught of endless hordes of enemies, you completely forget that maps are deserted, and tasks are always the same. What, to hell, are deserted - we quickly go around the right flank, where the radar does not see anyone, at the same time we will collect bonus materials for research! 

    Two things are amazing in this. First, a player of the first level is not too different from the killer force of the player of the twenty-fifth: he simply has less choice of stratagems, skills and weapons. With the right tactics and using someone else's bonuses, a newcomer can quite fit into the team. In general, everything depends on skill. 

    Secondly, Helldivers competently dumps on the player all available content. New opportunities get into inventory exactly when you have time to play with the old ones. New quests (escort, delivery of goods, collective pushing of carts) are opened only at new levels of complexity, so you do not suffer from monotony and boredom. In the end, all three races available to the enemy behave in completely different ways, and it will not be possible to engage in all three at the same time. So the war for the safety of Super Earth will be long and glorious!


    Rate this article Review: Helldivers

    (4.5/5) 2 ratings


    This game is good delivered for any access

    14 december 2019 05:12

    divers... I thought of swimming for real

    12 march 2018 15:03