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    Rate this article "Review° Hell Yeah ! : Wrath of the Dead Rabbit"

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings
    Mrdox, 27 december 2017 16:28

    Review° Hell Yeah ! : Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

    It is not because you are at the top, you are the best, not because you are a triple-character (AAA) game, you are the best, games like Hell Yeah! : Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is truly capable of delivering a very nice content and a fun experience throughout the stages, but it beats the life of many, many games of this generation.

    Hell Yeah! : Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Digital game on the platforms of loading games, and one of the finest compared to many games genre and sisters of the similarities, fun really do not stop on condition that we overlook the story of the story, which developers did not seek to fill in details confusing or careful to provide a plot of volatile events The game, funny and funny, will fight with the character of the main game "Ash", the latter who seeks to kill a group of monsters of the underworld (hell) full of strange creatures.

    The game was developed from first to the other to ensure the player a large amount of moments of laughter, whether during the dialogues or playing the same and even fights, the naked rabbit (deliberately because he hates this title, even if it is similar to the skeletal structure without clothes) has a weapon and a means of transport located between circular saw This weapon or whatever we can call helps move and kill enemies or open new paths. In the beginning you will not have anything of this and you will play the Prince of Hell with little abilities, but sometimes it happens and you will be stripped of your weapons to become The game is a fun platform game with beautiful colorful stages, A stage of the Big Ten game is to eliminate all the big monsters, what can be said about them as leaders, but the player can finish off one before the other ...

    In every stage there are a large number of tracks and passages, some of them are blocked and some are closed doors, you have a map in the game list and a special compass at the bottom of the screen, once you get in the stage you have to start searching for the leaders and kill them, when you do you will open the doors to reach the places If you can eliminate the enemies with weapons is the usual sometimes sometimes you have to use the mind and the search for a way to eliminate some of them in different ways, you can kill Rotary chainsaw Or firearms or looking for alternative means, if they receive something or  big gun or make them They are shocked something.

    The game is classic but at the same time benefits from some diversity, the game is a game platforms / action stages, but the rotary saw, which helps to fly for a few seconds and helps to cut enemies makes the game unique some thing, the latter as with the weapons adjustable The diagnosis can be replaced with a pink circular cake, a funny yellow life jacket, or a saw from antiquity, which does not affect its strength. Of course, the diagnosis includes "Ash", where a machete can be changed on his head, if he moves naked and every machete is a mantle. On his head are many, like the hair of Napoleon, or the head of a wild beast Kstein and others.


    Hell Yeah! : Wrath of the Dead really wrong game, compare it to other games hit everything by the wall, but if you want to spend time with a unique experience of the story of the plot of the game is a good choice for you


    Rate this article Review° Hell Yeah ! : Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


    I personally love this game. The humor is sometimes very dark, but that's the major thing I love in this game. In some stages the background is very bright and colourful which makes it hard to see some obstacles.
    I totally agree with your statement of an "unique experience" ;)
    Thanks for the review!

    29 december 2017 13:14

    nice article thanks
    new rabbit game happy i love rabbitz

    1 january 2018 17:29