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    panos_misti, 24 november 2017 23:28

    Review: Fahrenheit

    Back to 2005, Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit as uncensored version) developed by Quantic Dream.

    It's first game that introduces new combination between adventure game and interactive cutscene. The idea is to provide the movie-like experience and let audiences participate on each event rather than watch the whole scene.

    The story introduces supernatural drama thriller where all the things begin in one of New York's Diner as very strong intro. You take control the character perspectives for both murderer and investigators. Each character is intriguing and has their own personality where you learn from story and your interaction. Whats make Fahrenheit unique is storytelling and choices, most in-game interactions and dialogues have consequences in term of moral and ethics. It could impact on your character mental state or change the pace of story or both along with well-executed and connection between characters.
    The gameplay involves environmental and dialogue interaction that required mouse swiping as it gives strong feelings of control. Some scenes allow you to explore small section and interact at you own will or switch between characters to observe and progress the story. The game also contain heavy QTE in most physical action sequences. Require player's reflex action which might distract player from whole cinematic scenes.
    Remastered version offers sharpen textures, new UI, and some typographical changes which are slightly different from original. It's also uncensored version which contain some nudity contents I used to play on retailed version.
    On the other hand, mouse interaction are quite unnecessary in some parts. Transition between two types of QTE might get annoying and bit over usage. The story pacing also heavily change in final. It's bit letdown and less interaction compare where the first act is so interesting.
    Fahrenheit might have some gameplay flaws and story itself left some unexplained answers. But it first brings fully interactive movie into video games. It's classic, unique, and intriguing in direction. Set the new standard of video game as we see nowadays.
    Plus, I personally did love songs and ambient soundtracks

    Rate this article Review: Fahrenheit

    (1/5) 1 rating


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