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    Julio_Lokin, 25 november 2017 16:30

    Divine Souls REVIEW

    Playspot is a small online gaming company that is starting to create its portfolio. Coming to the Brazilian market with its motto "Live as you play" it promises to have a differential mainly in the interaction with the community. And apparently it started well, Divine Souls is officially released, totally in Portuguese and dubbed.

    The action MMO is based on dungeon missions where you must fulfill several objectives ensuring progress in the game's history, winning items, money and level.

    The game has four classes that can be chosen in the creation of characters, and the sex of each character is determined by the class. Are they:

    Fighters (men): Faced with fighting with special fists and gloves, it dispels powerful combos, they have a lot of strength and high defense.

    Shredders (Women): Specialist in the use of sword. Your weapon can also turn into a powerful whip in some skills.

    Magas (Women): They use powerful magic, but not only magic, they also have heavy mallets capable of firing like a cannon.

    Priests (Men): Attack with a scythe and are quick in combos as the Shredders, but the main advantage is that they can heal and restore allies' mana points.

    Although it has few options for visual customization, inside the game will be possible to purchase items that will change the appearance of the character, such as costumes, uniforms etc ...

    After choosing the class and appearance the player is sent to the training room where he will learn the basic commands. There is nothing different or complicated in these commands, any player accustomed to FPS and MMO will find reasonably easy. The "WSAD" keys are used to move, the mouse controls the camera and the direction of the character.

    The left mouse button serves to attack and the right to defend, very basic. But each class has special abilities that can be placed on the shortcut bars. These abilities work as "special" and can not be used repeatedly because they have recharge time and consume a lot MP (mana). In addition, there are combos that you can learn in a training camp or see the manual and try directly at the monsters maps.

    Having learned the basic skills, the player will be sent to the city of Elan Blude, and through a quick quest will learn the location of each important NPC, such as tool and weapon stores, NPC skills, quests, warehouse and etc ...

    Then the time comes for the first mission, the player goes to the forest camp where he must enter the dungeon and choose which map he wants to go, each level gives access to a different map, and on each map you can choose the difficulty and the way division of items. It is in these places where quests will be made, among defeating monsters and bursting objects, it is worth keeping an eye on what the quest asks for, as it can include breaking fires and huts, as well as boxes scattered around the map. One tip is to go to the city and pick up all the possible quests for only after going to do the dungeon. NPCs that have quests are marked on the map with "!" And "?" Exclamation marks.

    Knowing the basics you can already venture into the world of Divine Soul, then from then on just accept the quests and facing increasingly strong monsters. At each level of evolution of your character, equipments are unlocked and new skills are unlocked for purchase, yes, in this game you need to pay to have the skill, just sell the falling items of the monsters to get the money.

    My opinion:

    Divine Souls may seem like a modest start game, so I went to play the opening screen and character creation did not seem very inviting, there was a lack of dedication there that does not represent the actual graphics in-game. However when entering the world of Divine Soul I realized that the graphics are good, beautiful and mainly are not heavy.

    The Scenery is well-crafted and pleasant, without much glitz and sparkling things that personally irritate me. It's not a top-of-the-line graphics game, but its beauty does not get lost for any other MMO. What struck me was the ability of the game to become fun, I stayed my whole Saturday playing Divine Souls without seeing the time pass. I repeated the dose on Sunday, as soon as I got a company to share the dungeons.

    The game so far has not been cloying, even though it is necessary to repeat the dungeons a few times. There is a story that you are developing following the quests, that is, it is not just action. In a short time I was able to unlock various skills and face bosses alone.

    My final advice is that you should give Divine Souls a chance, even if it's just to try out an action MMO. Take a few hours, create your character and go do some quests, I assure you that at least it will be fun and at the most, you will lose (or win) your entire weekend, because you will not be able to stop playing, as was my case.

    Rate this article Divine Souls REVIEW

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