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    (5/5) 4 ratings
    Mrdox, 24 november 2017 14:37

    [Far Cry Primal Review]

    10 thousand years BC ... long time is not it? It is the Stone Age, the era of primitive man, known only for its instinctive nature, its sole purpose is the struggle to survive, its animal life to be true, not even afraid of ferocious animals, only known murder, all in order to satisfy its innate desires The animal was dressed as a scary mask on his face to frighten the rest of the other beings, not inclined to the group as it is now, only inclined towards his instinct, selfish and frightening, If he was weak, go back with me to a frightening time, try to look for definitions, Because you will be the host 

    The story is about 10,000 years BC, an age called the Stone Age, the story is still somewhat mysterious but the developer studio confirmed that the story will be based on the struggle to survive amidst the land of a terrible and frightening called the land of Oros (Uros) Takhker, a highly skilled fisherman, is the first leader of his clan, but his career is to win. The confidence of his tribe will be full of difficulties, as he will have to hunt the animals Study and frightening like wolves and tigers wild and even mammoths also, animals fierce in every sense of the word characterized by large and powerful fangs strongly and, more importantly also is to win wars and battles that will enter them against other tribes, in order to earn his tribe confidence and control them ...

    As for the graphics of the game, as is known a lot of radish games almost have good graphics, and see the evolution of technology in recent years, and all developed studios rely on tools and methods are very advanced in order to provide good graphics and level commensurate with the method of play, and for the game today, Far Cry Primal is clearly characterized by fantastic graphics with all the meaning of the word, especially as the game was based on a very long age estimated thousands of years, never imagined, but the developer studio Ubisoft able to provide an opportunity for all players to experience life in the age of stone age , Where he presented We have an open world full of ferocious animals that are difficult to imagine, extinct animals that were terribly designed as real, and their brutality shows us how dangerous and powerful they are. As part of the graphics section I will talk about some animal designs and the outer center. You will be able to hide in some places amid the dense green grass and catching some animals, also will encounter some stone buildings, as well as mountains and trees, generally a simple world can only imagine your imagination, and why it is not Stone Age nothing but nature .. Now the most important thing in the game, It is the h And Wanat, the latter can not be said but brilliant in all the meaning of the meaning, beautifully designed almost say real, the wild tiger with big canines and huge back, for example designed terribly will be afraid once you see it, I will also talk about Mammoth , Is also an extinct animal resembling elephants somewhat, that it is characterized by hair and a lot of large long tails, it is said that the extinct result of the heavy fishing, which was the desire of his teeth, which were sold with large sums, in general, was designed in a terrible way all the meaning of the word , And I will suffice with such an animal V Because of these two categories of animals will be on the official cover of the game company of hero Tucker, but there are lots and lots of animals from wolves and eagles to many buffaloes and many other animals ...

    For the characters I think that if you stay nights you can never imagine them. I personally was surprised by how wonderful the human designs of man and the different clothes from one tribe to another are human beings, savages, savages, blood and animal remains from horns and lashes, feathers covering their faces and some white and red pigments. I think that all this description will be different from one tribe to another from humans to others. It is really a terrible success for Ubisoft in terms of graphics. I personally am surprised by the magnificence of graphics and its frightening brutality ...

    As for Far Cry in recent years, the sound and soundness of the sounds is also confirmed in this part of the game, where you will find that the sounds were installed in a simple and beautiful way, including every small and large like you live in the middle of that nature, As for the grass, for example, it is thick and long so it is obvious to hear the feet and feet, which was almost wonderful to say about the scene is real, as well as the impact of wind on the grass and tree leaves and hearing birds sounds like Musical symphony for Mozard, not to mention the sounds of murder and murder that will inevitably kill you and the voices of humans and wild animals, everything will alert you dear reader I personally focused very well on the voices in the promotional video,
    I was very impressed by the extent of the technique of sounds and their differences despite the time synchronization ...

    The game will not be very different. As Far Cry returns to its open world, this time the world will be bigger and bigger than before, but do not forget that in the Stone Age the weapons are completely different and the difficulties will be many. You will rely only on swords, spears and other deadly weapons such as hammers, The new thing that impressed me personally is your chance to bite the wolves that you will see savagely and want to confront you, but you will soon know that with a simple piece of meat these savage wolves will become your companion and one of the most powerful weapons that will protect you from other predators and catch them. Mine...

    On the whole, I think Far Cry Primal will be one of the most powerful games of the year 2016 for its new and varied mindset. I advise every fan of scary and brutal games to experience this masterpiece, which can only be said with all the meaning of the word. It will be the best game of the year for the magnificence of her story and the idea of the Stone Age ...

    Rate this article [Far Cry Primal Review]

    (5/5) 4 ratings


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