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    (3.5/5) 4 ratings
    Mrdox, 24 november 2017 14:22

    Relative Review |Batman: Arkham Knight|

    The Dark Knight has come back to get rid of the floating evil in the city of Gotham, the city that has barely given up criminals and mercenaries, so how can it prevail in peace? And is someone like Bruce Wayne without supernatural powers capable of getting rid of the wickedness of the wicked? A story filled with excitement and ambiguity, bad guys from the pathetic Tina in the city and other issues that need Batman's return to the battlefield, needs his fighting skills and his genius to solve the crime issues that dominate the town.

    The events of the story begin nine months after the capture of Joker and his death, after which the crime rate fell dramatically. But this did not contribute to the chaos that he left behind. Even after a Scarecrow man, with his plans to spread terror across the city, a gas that would allow the control of Gutham City static and kill them, That's what happened at the beginning of the story. It is not permissible to let him control the inhabitants of the city, but he will face several obstacles during his journey. A new character will appear to serve the trumpet in the name of Arkham knight. The latter is completely anonymous. Strangely enough, he is the most vengeful character of Batman. He dislikes him more than any opponent who has already competed with the Dark Knight throughout the series. These are the fundamentals of the story on which the game will be based. In addition to the above, some past events from the previous section will be included, and exactly some Joker experiments on 5 people. Only temporarily and with the help of Robin they try to find a cure for them, but in the middle of the events, but the question in the players is the site of the victim of the fifth Joker, will Batman be able to find and treat also?

    The game of the type of action and mystery, regardless of being from the perspective of the third person, taking place within the city of Gotham, which is the largest five times of Arkam City, and there is a big difference between the two cities, in this part developers have expanded the streets and enlarge to provide space Enough for the Batmobile (Batman's name), which in turn is a new addition to Batman's first series. Yes, players will now be able to navigate through the dark knight and fly through the sky. When you finish the missions either sub-or minor, you will get Xp points, which allows you to develop Batman's combat skills in addition to his weapons and special equipment. A dark horse carriage with shields protects you from enemy and weapon attacks. It can fire at a specific distance on other vehicles, but it can not be fired at criminals on the streets of the city. It is a Batman decision that favors arresting them instead of killing them. He does not care about the life of his opponents. The control of the car is optional due to the player's desire to do so except in some missions and conditions becomes compulsory. Add a comment to Warner Bros to make your way through the game. To talk about how to fight, the latter has evolved in an excellent way compared to the previous parts. First, a new feature has been added in the Team Up fighting style. The word "team" appears to be in the phrase, yes, so, when you are accompanied by one of your assistants Catwoman) As part of the missions, you will have the opportunity to control them. To be frank, do not worry, there is no similarity in the fighting style, each character and style. This addition has actually increased the magnificence of the game. The male also praised the fact that it was possible to use the hero's tools in the air, which would allow the player to think of strategies on how to fight. In the Menu, you'll find a city map where you can teach a specific place to go later, etc. A list of information about each new character appears during play.

    On the graphics side, the game works on the Unreal Engine 3 engine with new additions. Of course, the previous parts use the same engine. Gravim has always been considered a key factor in the success of the game, character design was in place, facial expressions in speech, movement, Seeing clearly, moreover, the design of the buildings was also in place, especially when the Batman vehicle collided when the shattered areas appear clearly outside the car. There is no night and day succession during play. This is of course because the man "bat" is afraid of daylight and can not follow his heroic work except at night. Fortunately, rain does not require the fall of the night and day, in addition to the rain factor. In the streets and billboards, making the world dominant on this part of the series more lively. During the battles, attention was paid to smoke, gunshots, hand grenades, objects and their movements, as well as explosions and debris. This part is more realistic than any part that has been launched.

    - Voices, another factor indispensable in the success of the game, the latter works sequentially and organized according to the course of the story, the voices of the characters fit with the owners, and the dialogue between them is interesting, detailed accurately. The sounds emanating from the weapons are well heard, the static activity of the city is also accompanied by the movement of vehicles and explosions. The most impressive of the songs is when the fighting begins and a crowd of enemies surrounds you. Their dialogues about the attack on Batman and the Nile are very accurate, which in turn adds to the brilliance of this element.

    - Personally, you have bought this interesting part, and you have completed its sub-tasks, I can say that the age of the game is long and you have many options, you can choose a task in a variety of different tasks with different personalities and strategies. If you want to see the end of the original game, you must end both types of tasks (primary and secondary). What impressed me was the Batmobile control. There were missions in the form of racing cars, or destroying enemy vehicles that you might encounter as you roamed the city, and also crossed some areas. As for flying in the skies of Gotham, it is completely different from the previous parts. The player no longer feels much heavier than before. You have the opportunity to fly for a short moment only and land. Batman is not a supernatural hero. Air velocity in the ocean). According to some reliable sites, the tasks of this main part can only be completed within 60 hours at the maximum difficulty level.

    My evaluation:
    a story:8/10
    style of the game:9/10
    Overall evaluation of this part:8.5/10

    (+) Features:
    + How to solve criminal cases.
    + Diversity and difference of story tasks.
    + Multiple methods of fighting and efficiency of the method of concealment.
    + Visual and acoustic effects become more powerful.

    (-) Defects:
    - Offending tasks suffer from some repetition.
    - The Batmobile does not accept the development of its activities.

    ~ Conclusion:
    Warner Bros gave us a game of new features worthy of the attention of the players and the experience of the last part of the series. We have seen clear changes in the level of playplay such as fighting, and the graphics as character movements and improvement of their features, increasing the voices as interesting dialogues and the factor of surprise during play. Do not forget to allow players to control the Batman vehicle, which upset the scales of Comics games, and the most important thing is to recruit the character of the Dark Knight and work to reduce criminality in various ways possible.

    Rate this article Relative Review |Batman: Arkham Knight|

    (3.5/5) 4 ratings



    15 march 2020 13:48

    I've played 6x already!

    14 april 2020 23:20