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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Kermadec, 24 november 2017 10:16

    Review: Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited

    The Elder Scrolls series has been a staple source of great entertainment for fans of the role-playing genre, and when Zenimax announced the Elder Scrolls Online, many many people were instantly hyped...then dissapointed. greatly...Is it worth buying however?

    Elder Scrolls Online had a pretty terrible release, with a terrible subscription system where players who already paid $60 for the game then had to pay $15 p/m to keep playing, and this angered many players. The game, like many in the past few years, wasn't able to live up to its hype and struggled to attract many new players. Part of the reason for the bad launch, however, was the expectation from many (including myself) that The Elder Scrolls Online would be like any other Elder Scrolls game, just online. There isn't all bad news, it gets better I promise...

    Zenimax decided to cancel the subscription in March 2015 on PC and in June for console. They had also been working hard to better the overall game experience for everyon in order to make up for the dissapointment and general letdown many players had felt. The game still has an optional subscription option, called ESO Plus, which basically gives you access to all DLCs, unlimited crafting storage, 1500 crowns (premium currency for mounts and cosmetics), double bank space, 10% gold and xp, double furnishing space in player housing, double currency cap for transmutation crystals and you're able to dye your costumes. Also with the re-release of the game came the introduction of Tamriel Unlimited, which allows players to travel anywhere in the game world, no matter your alliance, which is probably one of the better decisions they made as you no longer had to manage three different characters in order to experience all the game had to offer!

    Overall, I believe that Zenimax Online has taken great strides on improving the game and although much still needs to be done, I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of the base game and exploring the amazing world they've built for you! Fair warning to the fans of the Elder Scrolls series, don't go in expecting and Online Elder Scrolls game but rather a well made MMO based in the Elder Scrolls Universe.

    I hope some of you found this helpful and I dare say I hope to see you in Tamriel!

    Rate this article Review: Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited

    (5/5) 2 ratings



    25 november 2017 17:37