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    Yahliz, 24 november 2017 06:37

    Everything about Town of Salem

    So, in this article you can find almsot everything about Town of Salem, and also my own opinion about it.
    I hope to meet you at the game after reading this!

    My opinion about the game:

    So, the game I would like to tell you about is called "Town of Salem".
    The one thing I like about it the most, is that its a browser game and you can also purchase it on steam.
    As a browser game, its a free one - and not P2W.
    Its a multiplayer game that will make you use your brain (not like in many other video games).
    The community isn't as big as CS:GO or some other popular games , but is very active and not "dead" at all!
    This game developes your thinking skills, and the ability to tell what is a lie and what is a truth just by the way the sentence is written.
    It isn't the regular shooter or MMO game you are playing - and after you play it yourself, you'll be able to understand why it is one of my favorite games.


    First of all, you choose a nickname and then randomaly get a role.
    I will explain about the roles later.
    There is chat in the games, which can be used only at the day.
    Each day (except for the first one) there is a vote. Every player can vote on it and choose a person to be lynched.
    If the person gets enough votes (the needed amount of votes change as the amount of players that are in the game), 
    He will have few seconds to proove himself innocent.
    After that, there will be a second vote, on it you can vote guilty or innocent. if majority of the votes are guilty, the person will be lynched.
    otherwise, he will live.

    Every person has a will which is posted after his death (in case it isnt changed or deleted by a mafia role).
    In this will you can write anything. your suspections, your activity and actions - and other importent information that will help your role members in case you won't be able to tell them the information youself.

    Sometimes, people who die also have a death will. a death will is a will that the attacker is writing and is posted after his target's death.
    So, killing roles have regular wills and death wills to write on.

    The graveyard is a "feed" which you can see all dead people, with their roles, wills, and death wills.
    There is a limited amount of roles in each game - so checking the graveyard will help you identify if someone lies about his role.

    And now, to the roles.

    Town roles, Mafia roles & Natural roles.

    Generally, Town roles wants to kill mafia roles, natural killing and natural evil roles (those are town killing roles in the game).
    Mafia roles want to kill all town roles and also to make the natural killing be hanged in the day - we will get to that later!
    Natural role type are varied. The natural killing wants to get all mafia roles hanged and all town dead.
    Not like mafia, the natural killing role is alone, while mafia roles have a team of 3-4 which can talk privately at night.

    All the roles in the game.

    It's going to be a bit long, so if you want to skip this part and find out the info throught the gameplay yourself, just scroll down to the next subject!

    Town Investigative

    Investigator - Invetigate one person each night for a clue to their role.

    Lookout - Watch one person each night and see who visits them.

    Sheriff - Check one person each night for suspicious activity.

    Spy - See who mafia visits each night and "bug" houses to see trageted actions against them.

    Town Killing

    Jailor - Choose one person during the day to jail for the night.

    Veteran - Decide if you go on alert and kill anyone who visits you (limited alerms).

    Vigilante - Choose to shoot someone at night. if you shoot a town member, you die the next day (limited bullets).
    Vampire hunter - Check for vampires each night.

    Town Protective

    Bodyguard - Protect one person from death each night, if the pesron you are protecting is attacked, you die and also kill the attacker.

    Doctor - Heal one person each night, preventing them from dying in case they were attacked. Can heal yourself once.

    Town Support

    Escort - Disctract someone each night and prevent them from using their ability.

    Mayor - Gain 3 votes after you reveal yourself (we will get to the votes later on).

    Medium - Speak with all dead people at night, after dead, speak to a one living person you choose at night.

    Retirubutionist- Revive a dead town member.

    Transporter- Choose 2 people to transport each night. can transport yourself.

    Mafia Deception

    Disguiser- Choose a target to diguise yourself as (one time).

    Forger- Choose one person and rewrite their last will at night (limited times).

    Framer- Choose one person to frame at night.

    Janitor- Choose a dying person to clean on the graveyard roles each night (limited times).

    Mafia Killing

    Godfather- Order mafioso to kill someone you choose each night.

    Mafioso- Carrying out Godfather's orders.

    Mafia Support

    Blackmailer- Choose a person to blackmail each night. and blackmailed person can't talk at chat the next night.

    Consigliere- Check one person for their exact role each night.

    Consort- Distract someone each night, pervent them from using their ability (like Escort).

    Natural Benign

    Amnesiac- Choose a role from the graveyard roles.

    Survivor- Live through the game, put a bulletproof vest at night to protect yourself (limited amount of vests).

    Natural Chaos

    Vampire- Convert others to vampires at night.

    Natural Evil

    Executioner- Trick town into lynching your target.

    Jester- Trick town into lynching you, after you are lynched you choose a person who voted guilty on you to die the next night.

    Witch- Control someone each night.

    Natural Killing

    Arsonist- Douse someone in gas each night and decide to ignite all the doused targets at any point.

    Serial killer- Kill someone each night.

    Werewolf- Kill a person every second night, Kill people who visit you and your targert.

    Purchases in the game:

    After every game, you will get Merit points.
    On your first win of the day you get 100 points, on each next win you get 40 points, on each next lose you get 20 points and on a draw
    you also get 20 points.
    With Merit points, you are able to purchase most of the "cosmetics" in the game, but there are some cosmetics you can only purchase with Town points.

    You can get 2000 Town points by purchasing the game on steam, or purchasing them in the broswer game by the amount your heart desires. 

    Daily braw is the place you can get awsome prizes just by entering the game.
    in each day you join the game, you can activate the daily braw and get 20 Merit points every time.
    The prize comes after 6 days of activations. on your seventh time, you will get much bigger prize then 20 Merit points.
    It can be character skin, or scrolls (which give you more chances to play the role you want).

    In summary

    I put effort in this article so you guys can check out the game and enjoy it as much as I do.
    I promise you you won't be disappointed!

    If you want to know more about the game, just send me a message!

    Rate this article Everything about Town of Salem

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


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