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    Chebo, 23 november 2017 19:11

    Chebo's Reviews 5 - Cube World

    This game is not finished, but it has been in a seemingly frozen state (but not precisely) for years. And yet, development is still being continued.


    -Do not assume that this is a Minecraft clone; It is not even close
    -It's an RPG game with inspiration from many games like The Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, Minecraft (only the blocky style) and more
    -It was first released as an early alpha in 2013 by Picorma
    -The sole developer, Wolfram von Funck (Wollay) was later joined by his wife, Sarah
    -Unless you pirate the game, you cannot purchase it as of right now
    -Wolfram decided to develop the game while posting updates on Twitter, blocking purchase to avoid disappointed customers
    -These are the Twitter accounts of Wollay and Sarah: https://twitter.com/wol_lay https://twitter.com/pix_xie
    -Wollay has been posting updates mostly once in every month, which is a broken streak as of right now
    -You can see the progress for yourself, this article will only cover what the alpha has to offer

    The Map

    -The map is literally endless, no borders in this game, it endlessly generates new lands, names, and quests
    -It is endless, but you never lose track of what you've explored so far
    -Every biome has some special creatures that only spawn there

    -There are many biomes like Lava Lands, Oceans, Snow and so on...

    The Classes and Races

    -Here you can see four classes; Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Rogue
    -They also show off multiple races; Dwarf, Lizardman, Human and Elf
    -There are more races like Undead and Frogman
    -Any race can choose any class
    -Each class has two branches, they one's general playstle as that class


    -You gain XP by killing enemies and bosses or animals
    -You gain two skill points with every level up
    -Once a skill has 5 points, you can upgrade the next branch of that skill tree
    -This is an example:

    -The first row is for combat as that class (in this case a Scout), the other icons are for every class
    -Pets: Pet HP increases
    - On level 5 pet riding can be unlocked (you can't ride all pets)
    -Climbing: Increases stamina duration
    -On level 5 usage of the hang glider can be unlocked (the only way to obtain a glider is to buy one at a shop)
    -Swimming: Increases swimming speed
    -On level 5 sailing can be unlocked (the ideal way to cross an ocean)

    Cities, Crafting, and Taming

    -Cities are always marked on the map regardless if you explored the area or not
    -The city name is added to the map once it's explored
    -Threats do not spawn
    -Cities have shops of different types
    -You can sell anything in any shop
    -In general item shops you can buy pet food (only one type of pet food per city), bombs, flasks, lanterns, a hang glider and/or a boat

    -In weapon and armor shops you can obviously buy weapons and armor, but also recipies for crafting them
    -A recipe is activated by right clicking it in your inventory, it disappears after that
    -In order to craft you require minerals like wood logs and ore from caves, but you need to refine them into blocks first (with the exception of emeralds)
    -While crafting, there is a chance to craft multiple refined crafting items for the price of one

    -In order to tame an animal, you need to equip pet food in your pet slot
    -You acquire pet food by fighting enemies or buying it in a city
    -A pet will be a cage as item equipable in the pet slot, but will appear in the world and fight alongside the player
    -You can have multiple pets in your inventory
    -Pets level up by gaining XP just like the player, but due to a glitch, they lose all XP progress if they are re-equipped or teleport from too far after dying
    -They also use an amount of XP if they die and respawn normally

    Power and Adapting

    -A player's power level increases as they level up
    -The power level is a way to make sure players don't use too powerful items at a low level
    -Every town has a tower building in which an item's power level can be transfered to the player's current power level, regardless if it's lower or higher
    -This process can only be done once
    -It is not for free; It costs platinum coins, a currency obtained by slaying bosses

    Restoring HP and Respawning

    -You can restore HP by sleeping, crafting food that immobilizes you while eating, or potions using a flask (fillable with a water source) and a heartflower or cactus
    -Some food needs a campfire to be crafted, you can find them all around the map outside cities
    -In my opinion, the water mage is the most overpowered class, due to the healing spells making healing items useless and the long range attacks

    Weapon and Armor Types

    -Not all classes use the same materials to craft their armor and weapons
    -Classes have more than just one type of weapon to choose from
    -Rangers for instance have crossbows, bows and boomerangs


    -Quests are marked on the map just like cities
    -Some of them can be activated by talking to an NPC in a city that tells you about the location of the quest
    -They lead to a dungeon, it can be mountains, castles, temples, ruins, catacombs or even giant rocks you have to climb
    -However, they can get boring after an amount of playtime, depending on the player


    -There actually is no music implemented in the official alpha

    Multiplayer and obtaining the game

    -There are multiple ways to play multiplayer, feel free to contact me if you want to try :3
    -As I said earlier, you cannot buy the game, but I don't think it's bad to pirate it in its current state, cause it's definitely worth playing
    -It does get repetitive after a lot of time, but it didn't bore me yet, and it's a lot more fun with friends
    -Playing your own music while playing it fixes the issue with lack of music

    Rate this article Chebo's Reviews 5 - Cube World

    (4.5/5) 2 ratings


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