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    (3.9/5) 10 rates
    sozqq, 5 september 2018 18:00

    Review: Demolish & Build 2018

    Work clothes, rectangular mobile for waist and shoulder strap on your shoulder are your trademarks. You are a partner in a newly established purification and construction company, so you need a lot of blending to make dreams come true, but do not complain. Dust in the mouth and the deafening noise of working machines and the dropping of plaster are soothing music for your ears as you break through on the scale of the entrepreneur ...

    Demolish & Build is, in a way, the derivative of the GTA game, but instead of draining excess energy to more or less innocent people, you're desperate for abandoning buildings here. You can walk between cities in the city by foot or with the help of a pickup truck, which you can call from any parking. Tasks are simple, sometimes trivial, and if you manage to get stuck, you can use your special senses as if you were Spiderman, which would point out the positions of the objects to be "treated". We're not kidding, this is a really important feature this game. The pace of demolition takes place according to the cycle you choose, because there are no pressures and limitations here, of course, no enemies that will hang you above your head while you bake the wall of a productive factory with water in your mouth. In addition to demolition, you will also deal with the removal of electrical installations and even the delivery of a mobile device that needs to be disposed of in containers so that the site remains clean and neat. You also need to buy a location where you will hire a company, as well as taking driving tests and training for using machines.

    The machines are just one of the game's trademarks. There are not many of them, but they have been carefully selected to be able to perform basic styles. The star of the game is a crane-crawler with a bowl on a wire, which, like a knife, cuts down walls and ruthlessly destroys buildings. You can carry out the comparison of smaller buildings with a bulldozer while holding a cup with your favorite warm drink in your hand, and you have a "jacket" on your face, which you do not remove until the last brick falls. You can dig the channels with the help of the backhoe loader, while you can effectively do the construction of roads and sanding the sand using a roller. Need a concrete? There is no problem, there is a truck-mixer for which you sit down while shooting with your fingers, and for hours, you arrive at the site with a load. Of course, you also have the trucks that are used to transport beams, concrete structures,

    The sandbox environment extends to four large locations and, if you need help, you can hire helpers for their retention. This is not all, given that the authors also included support for the co-operative playing of two players, even in the local LAN. We have to admit that Demolish & Build on the first ball is extremely interesting and unusually attractive, especially because it is different from most classic titles in which player and magic are a means to turn your opponent into a slice. Here, however, you do something constructive, but things will soon start to move unwanted.

    The game will not attract you with accompanying content and therefore will be interesting to the narrow circle of players. With a bit of polishing and processing of rough edges, it can change, but the things are right now.


    Rate this article Review: Demolish & Build 2018

    (3.9/5) 10 rates


    you make me feeling a destroyer and a engineer 🧛

    2 may 2019 18:12