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    (4.29/5) 73 rates
    danzaik008, 3 august 2019 15:17

    Review Collapsed

    This article will talk about such a game, as you understand in the name Collapsed. What is she like we will understand in this article.

    Let's start with a simple one, specifically what is a game? First of all, Collapsed is a post-apocalyptic platformer game where you play as one of four unique Hunters who must track down their prey. Each of them in the arsenal has its own set of abilities and skills. Travel through procedurally generated levels full of useful items, fighting many scary enemies and challenging bosses. This game is suitable for fans of hardcore platformer.qr1f7Kl0GLSpkTDBKmM0V7NaMKHwSR.jpg
    Throughout the game, you will move between different locations from the jungle to alien bases, simultaneously destroying all the enemies on your way. Also, after each location, a boss will be waiting for you, which you need to kill using certain battle tactics.
    Rating game in Steam.
    This game quickly gained its fans and received many positive reviews (75%), here is one of them:
    Graphite and quite complex bagel with the possibility of cooperative play. ENT is quite addictive, there are few variations of the passage, but so far there is enough, the game still looks damp, so there are hopes for the next patches. The game was released only yesterday, but there is already a small discount, so, in principle, it is worth taking. If you are a lover of the genre, then the game will definitely come to you, I personally went.
    Character upgrade.
    The game also has elements for leveling your character and his weapon, so the gameplay can change depending on what you choose when leveling. Improvement can be both to increase damage and to increase your defense and health, as well as different resistance to different damage, etc.d2ByiT0gB6JNkxrRQs0r1LqVjuzqOo.jpg
    Upgrade weapons.
    As you can see in the screenshot in the game there are different types of weapons, either short-range or long-range. Different components are coming to him, which work better when killing different types of monsters that meet on your way.   The main advantages of the game.
    - 4 classes, each of them has melee and ranged weapons.
    - Procedurally generated levels,
    - Fast and extremely dynamic gameplay.
    - After death, the items remain with us.
    - There are a lot of ancient skills, where we open perks and new clothes for levels at the antiquity level.
    - crafting elements in the form of parsing and reforging items
    - The ability to select elemental damage for different opponents
    - Coop
    In this game there is a joint passage of missions, fight alone or with a friend - in any case, it will not be easy! During the joint passage you will receive even more positive emotions. There is plenty of action in this game.
    My wishes.

    Play enjoy the game, spare no patrons and destroy all evil spirits, successful games and all the best, thanks for reading my article.kcD1n4tEYksl4q6wcbVsp7EDhcatKy.jpg
    System requirements
    PC minimum requirements

    OS: Windows 7+
    Processor: Intel i5 +
    Memory: 4 GB
    Video: Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750
    HDD: 3 GB
    DirectX: 11

    Recommended PC Requirements
    OS: Windows 7+
    Processor: Intel i5 +
    Memory: 8 GB
    Video: Nvidia 460 / Radeon HD 7800
    HDD: 3 GB
    DirectX: 11

    Rate this article Review Collapsed

    (4.29/5) 73 rates


    Looks like an old yet creative game

    14 may 2020 15:25

    nice article and very good

    17 march 2020 01:08

    nice article and very good gamenice article and very good gamenice article and very good game

    5 march 2020 16:23


    2 may 2020 10:51

    this game look cool man!

    10 march 2020 13:39

    Thanks good game

    7 february 2020 13:56

    nice article, this game is very good and i really like it just the way i like this artzicle

    9 march 2020 10:58

    This game looks epic. LOL. well good review...

    21 february 2020 04:50

    this game is good thank you

    16 january 2020 12:26

    This game looks epic. LOL. well good review.

    15 january 2020 22:07