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    Misty, 2 august 2019 10:01

    Gorytale - review

    Gorytale is a fast shooter with a first-person perspective. As the name suggests, the game is based on violence combined with fairy-tale elements. The player is thrown into the land of sweetness in which his madness begins. From the very beginning of the game, our focus and attention must be at a very high level, because the danger lurks at us everywhere.

    Introduction, control, and rules

    The game begins with a short tutorial that is supposed to teach the player the absolute basics. However, the first thing that catches the eye is the huge distance and sense of humor of the creators, which is shown in the tasks of tutorial and the words shouted from time to time by our main character. Moving in the game is intuitive and simple because it only requires a mouse and classic buttons: W, A, S, D. Player plays an unknown hero, who after death goes to his appropriate version of hell - a wonderful, charming land. The player's task is to complete the next stages of the game. However, this is not so easy, because at every level there are swarms of monsters that only wait for us to lose our vigilance for a while. These monsters seem to be harmless because they look like food and the only thing they want is to hug us and be our friends. Unfortunately, our character is their total opposite and the longer he stays near creatures, the worse he feels.

    Game modes and other additions

    In the game, you can distinguish between two game modes. The first of these is a story mode in which we pass the entire map to finally defeat a very strong boss. The second is the arena mode, where our goal is to kill as many enemies as possible to climb in the ranking that is available in the game. I must admit that it is not easy, because only a few days have passed since the game's release, and the results of players are very impressive already. There are a lot of monsters, so we also need weapons, depending on the situation. At the very beginning, we can only fight with our bare fists, but very soon we get more (though sometimes absurd) weapons.

    After killing monsters, occasionally we can get bullets for our guns, but the most important are coins, thanks to which we can significantly upgrade all our weapons.

    Overall experience

    It must be admitted that the game has a kitschy plot and soundtrack, but surprisingly these are its greatest advantages. They allow the player to focus on the game, which is extremely dynamic and despite appearances, not so easy. In addition to the incredible number of monsters that are constantly arriving, most of them have a different range of attack and speed of movement. Also, thinking that you must pay attention only to what is around you, you are wrong, because some monsters can fly, so we constantly have to watch not only what is in front of us, but also over us. Another advantage is the fact that the game works extremely smoothly, so you can enjoy it even on a weak computer. A huge drawback of the game is a very small number of levels, but it can be noted that the creators listen to players and often release updates that improve overall gameplay. The game is available on the Steam platform from July 19, so do not wait because it's worth it!

    Article written by our moderator: KappaHype

    Rate this article Gorytale - review

    (4/5) 77 rates


    this good i dont know about this

    13 august 2019 02:06


    3 august 2019 11:14

    Nice work on the article

    8 august 2019 03:22

    nice article

    9 august 2019 01:13

    oops its filled with alot of great information

    8 august 2019 02:58

    this game looks dope, I like the descriptiveness about each thing so it gives you a better vision on the game!

    6 august 2019 20:44

    Why do moderators write articles? By the looks of things, they gain their soul gems in different ways, but not from articles. Or is it so that sg received from articles aren't counted towards ranking?

    12 august 2019 09:12

    крутая игра респект!!!!

    16 august 2019 16:41

    Good job nice

    9 august 2019 16:45

    Why do moderators write articles? By the looks of things, they gain their soul gems in different ways, but not from articles. Or is it so that sg received from articles aren't counted towards ranking?

    2 august 2019 11:07