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    (3.78/5) 9 rates
    sozqq, 26 december 2018 13:06

    Review: Bounty Train

    It's been almost six years since the release of Faster ThLight, a game that is with Spelunky made a real renaissance roguelike genre. Since then, with more or less success, many have tried to copy this simple, but perishable, contagious concept, often unjustified by knighthood by others, with the abuse of the legend's name for purely marketing purposes, even though their game has very few touch points with FTL .

    The debut of Corbie Games is initially labeled as FTL with trains, but the undoubted fact is that Bounty Train is primarily a trade simulation in which tactical fighting is just an optional element of the gamble, so it's optional that it can be completely avoided with little effort. The store is located in the wreck of the American Civil War and follows the experience of a boy named Volter Rid, whose father dies suddenly, leaving behind an unfinished project to build a railroad between the eastern and western coasts of the United States. As the project did not fall into the hands of the insane Cornelius Timberyard, Volter is moving in pursuit of a controlling action package, filling the caprice of the remnants of relatives and other investors in exchange for their share in the company.

    In addition to the main screen on which the city hall, the bank and other institutions of importance are located, you will find even more market and railway depots in each city. Most of the time, marketers visit places where you buy and sell a dozen different types of goods, the prices of which are subject to the laws of supply and demand, as well as developments on the global map, which is especially evident when the war is rampant. By executing the FedEx of the quests you can pick up in the municipality, you increase your reputation in the city, which not only provides more lucrative jobs but also opens up access to auctions, the easiest way to acquire shares. Money mining is not a particular problem, as there are a couple of generous routes that you can exploit every couple of weeks in the game, and saving time savings in banks brings nice interest. An additional source of income is the transport of passengers.

    In combat, the enemy is always numerically superior, but fortunately, attackers come in waves, so with a little tactical deployment of combatants on wagons they can master, especially when you are armed with stationary machine guns. However, much depends on whether you are fond of fortune and your attackers are falling, because a gang armed with bombs and incendiary shots will work to turn the train into a bustle, especially if you are transporting a flammable goods, and when your fighters pistols replace water bins, The chances of getting a live head to become minimal.

    On the other hand, the game is simply brilliant in some completely side-by-side aspects, which primarily relates to the character development system, so detailed that it could serve as a role model for many role-playing games. In addition to strength, agility, and intellect, each character can develop up to three skills, so you can have a revolver, a soldier's melee, a mechanic, a mechanic, or another of ten specializations. And here is a small dose of randomness, because when you accumulate enough experience for the next level, you can assign the score you have to only one of the three randomly selected skills, with the tendency to appear somewhat more often where you have already invested points.

    Rate: 7 / 10

    Rate this article Review: Bounty Train

    (3.78/5) 9 rates



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