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    KayZeeSlayerCsgo, 26 december 2018 14:13

    Best AWP Skins 2.0

    My article was rejected so i re-upload it and made the corrections)(i correct the spellings and a little more detail).

    Counter Strike Global Offensive is an online first person shooting game which is an old game but still is very popular game but the most popular thing about the game is that its unique and beautiful skins.Their are many skins in the game but today i am going to talk about the top best AWP skins in my opinion. AWP is a really powerful weapon and every one wants a skin for that gun for their budget limit.

    The list includes the TOP 5 Best AWP skins in Counter Strike Global Offensive for a good price.This includes skins for low budget and medium budget.I did not include StatTrack weapons because the prices go a lot out of hands.The prices are solid and gives a really good skin for AWP to show of your skills plus your skin.Everyone from this list could choose any skin according to their budget easily and happily.

    1) AWP Fever Dream :

    AWP fever dream is a very unique and attracting skin which is also a very cheap skin.You can get this skin in Minimal wear which has no difference than the factory new just it has a difference of price so i recommend to buy this skin in minimal wear condition with a good float value.This skin have a really good texture and bright color are chosen for this skin.Random things are made on this skin but this still looks so beautiful and attractive.Starting from $8.54 to $4.52 could get you a very good skin in low price.

    2) AWP Mortis :

    This skin is very beautiful and very well designed. I love this skin as it is good for beginners and very cheap for them as well.This skin have a nice and smooth texture and i like how it has some pirate style details.Its very perfect for the T Side but it can be used for both.Starting from $12 to $6.30 is a very great deal.

    3) AWP Asiimov : 

    To be honest AWP asiimov is the best skin in my opinion in this whole list.I am a very big fan of the asiimov collection.I always collect any asiimov skin that came out for any type of skin.The asiimov reminds me of nerf guns.This skin is very bright and the fact that it is of medium cost although the skin looks way expensive it just start from $50 to $27.40.you could honestly choose any wear if you want but do try the battle scared one.It almost looks a different skin.It gives you a new and awesome experience for this asiimov collection and yes keep one thing in mind that the asiimov skins prices are changed very frequently so buy when you think is the best time.In my opinion do not put any stickers on it, it spoils the beauty of this skin.

    (i put the sticker to give you an idea about the center sticker and the scope one)

    4) AWP Hyper Beast :

    This skin is in my second spot for AWP skins after AWP asiimov. If you not a fan of asiimov collection you are going to like this one a lot. Be sure to by the other collection for the Hyper Beast collection as it make the inventory more live and beautiful.The prices could go out of hands a little but field tested could make the prices solid and clean.Starting from $46.77 to $13 is a very beautiful skin for its price.Rather than putting sticker on the center put it on the scope as it looks very sick on the scope.

    (i wanted to give you the difference that's why i put the sticker is center.)

    5) AWP Man-o'-War :

    This skin so different from the others in price,design etc.This skin is so unique.Very well textured and bright and very different in every way.This has very great combination of colors.I like its color type a lot and the fact that this skin is very cheap as well.Starting from $8.67
    to $8.59 it does not have much difference in wears.I really recommend to buy this skin if you are on a low budget.

    This is it guys hopefully i helped you guys to get the right skin for.This article took me time so please rate my article.I also have a bonus.

    1) AWP Neo-Noir :

    This skin is very beautiful and the fact that this is new to the skin is very awesome but its also very expensive so only high budget people can get it.Starting from $137.27 to $55 is a very sick but expensive skin.

    Rate this article Best AWP Skins 2.0

    (4.67/5) 15 rates


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