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    (4.33/5) 6 rates
    Mrdox, 9 january 2018 15:48

    Review- Sonic Generations

    After a 20-year success and failure, Sega brings together memories and dreams in a single box under the name Sonic Generations to bring together old lovers and try to give them a game that promises Tweaks past versions, but did you really? Read on with us to know.

    The beginning of Sega with the Sonic game was by the ingenious designer Yuji Naka, Naka inspired the idea of Sonic games and he plays in one of Mario Bros stages of the family where he came up with the idea of making the character finish the stages as fast as possible and so began the journey of making one of the most famous games The first Sonic game on the Sega Jens was a great success and the famous hedgehog became the blue mascot of the Blue Company and its feat in the face of the Super Mario. If you are one of the players of that era, you must remember the endless conflicts between Lovers of the two games.



    After several successful versions of the device, the games ended and the golden era of the Sonic games ended. After the parts of the race, the series did not receive the same acceptance and popularity, except for the first and second Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, the designer and the spiritual father of the series Yuji Naka, The original members of the team weakened Sonic Tim so much that the team played Sonic games after that and lost the way completely. We got a disastrous game in 2006 and then we got the version of Enlish, which made some improvements in Sonic's morning stages, but it got worse Play item in the history of the series Sega is determined to improve the level of the series and has introduced Sonic 4 as a downloadable game and the Sonic Coolers exclusively for the Wii, both of which represent a good and acceptable game and if not yet reached the top level of available platform games in the markets .

    Well, let's talk about the new version, the Sonic Generation. At first the game seems to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series and you can clearly see the scattered memories in the game but I do not think things stop here, the game also offers more From the test by Sonic Tim to the classic way of playing and the modern way of playing, as the series is witnessing a split between the fans prefer the dual dimension to the trio or vice versa, especially that the design of Sonic also changed dramatically with modern games, so the developers led by the main designer and director Erroci Miyamoto introduces every world in the game in two modes of play. The classic sonic style is completely 2D. In an attempt to simulate high-definition games and high-definition graphics. Sonic's contemporary style is identical to what we saw in Sonic Enlish and Sonic Coolers. A set of realms and stages inspired by all parts of the chain with redesigned and reconstructed phases.

    I want to be very clear and candid in this review, I love Sonic games a lot and I can say that I grew up with them in the nineties, in those days the series seemed to me to be the most beautiful thing in the world, but Sonic genres and played on some of my emotional tendons , But it is not - at all - a game in the game as it was in those days, when we talk about platform games, the level of design stages and the mechanics of play and jump are of paramount importance in determining the level of the game, and unfortunately here we find that Sonic Generations Do not offer a perfect experience both ways .. Talk about Sonic K The first stage gave me the feeling of a beautiful dream before I woke up from this dream gradually to touch the problems of the game multi-continuous for years .. Sonic's weight and physical movement is still medium level and if it was Better than Sonic 4 but do not touch the quality and magnificence of the old parts, the stages look good but hey .. it's hard to find a stage that keeps you in mind because what you do in a repetitive phase in all the other stages is nothing new, you jump on the same kind of barriers and use The same tricks and styles of playing in the series years ago , Mr. Hiroshi Miyamoto does not match the skill of the talented designer Yuji Naka and does not have his own touch and charming in the design of stages attached to the memory of the player for a long time.

    Well away from the many game stages that seem a little short, Sonic Team has made an extra attempt to prolong the game life through the "challenges" that are scattered between the stages. You have to end some challenges in order to get the keys that allow fighting the leader and move to The following worlds, the challenges were full of fun and well designed and in fact I am very surprised why does not the developer team take the boldness it presents in the challenges to the main stages of play? We were tired of repeating the same sections in the same way in the main stages and many beautiful touches in the challenges had to change a lot and one of them was to provide enemies of the size of a giant looked very amusing and can jump above them to reach new levels in stages, The elements of playing and jumping more than the basic stages almost.

    The game is quick and entertaining, offering a lot of distinctive music, a game that may satisfy old Blue Hedgehog lovers but is far from the platform giants.

    Rate this article Review- Sonic Generations

    (4.33/5) 6 rates


    I'm embarrased because I just made an article on sonic generations ;-;

    22 may 2020 03:43