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    Mrdox, 9 january 2018 15:59

    Review~ Get Even

    In 2014, the game "Get Even" was announced by the Polish development team "The Farm 51". After several months of secrecy, the game was re-launched. This time it became owned by Bandai Namco, which is publishing. On June 23, the game was released on the PC and The current generation home but before that we offer you a game review to get to know more about the experience that awaits you.

    The story begins very directly where you find yourself in a store and you have a message on your mobile phone asking you not to interfere in what is happening and you will continue to progress until you find a girl attached to a time bomb to stop you, but your attempt ends with the explosion of that bomb in your face to wake up later in a mental clinic! Who is that girl? What happened to her? What were you doing there? This is almost any question you think you will find unanswered at the beginning and will connect with you a mysterious person who knows himself as Red and all you know is that your name is Black and according to Red, you are now in the process of treatment of some kind and for success where you "go ahead" in a group of memories Without explaining what it means.

    The game does not take your hand to do anything effectively, except to introduce you to the mechanics of play that will allow you to progress in the story Everything else you know yourself and the story of the game does not have any basis at the beginning and begin to pass one memory Mtoy to collect the puzzle that is the story of the game and know the answers to your questions and Time will have a clear picture of the story and its events, the story will depend on many occasions on your choices and the way "passing" in the memories you pass and this will affect the facts and things you will discover.

    The story of the game is not that story very innovative in some aspects but very good and fun and will surprise you sometimes with unexpected changes Perhaps thanks to the way of the narrative is very vague and the way you discover the facts, although the game was using a different system in the narrative of the story was as important as we find Here.

    On the technical level, the game is less than average medium. The general technical level is weak. It is surprising from a game that was technically close to reality. The game is also using the Unreal Engine 3 engine, although it is geared towards the 8th generation, not the best games that used the engine at the technical level. From graphics to small and linear environments in general. Graphics do not overcome games of the last generation. They lack the effects and intricate details. However, they operate at 30 frames and occasionally suffer from some drop in frames when a number of enemies appear on the screen.

    Also, the game suffers from a few technical errors, including what makes you comment in your place suddenly, which requires you to return to the main menu or download from the last point of conservation, in addition to the problem cause you to get out of the game at times and perhaps the development team will issue an update to solve this problem, The characters are heavy and primitive, and as we mentioned, the game is really disappointing at the technical level.

    On the audio level, the game takes us to a completely different stage where the melodies and music are distinctive and very beautiful and serve the world of the game and its direction is dull and sad and the level is really surprising. With the technical appearance of the game do not expect all this mastery with the melodies, it is worth mentioning that the team despite all its successful options With a strange choice at one stage to put a melody I never found fit in person, but in the end did not affect the rest of the experience of the game, which offers distinctive melodies.

    Get Even is an experience of correction and ambiguity from the perspective of the first person, but basically based on the story and the discovery of events and circumstances and will pass a few particles where the enemies exist in the environment and you have the option to avoid them or eliminate them and when you remember memories every enemy you kill will affect the memory that are involved in events where the killing Enemies will cause memory confusion, which may give you false information about how the events took place.

    If you want to follow the method of fighting and docking, the game offers a weapon called CornerGun, in addition to ordinary pistols and machine guns, a distinctive weapon you will use to solve some puzzles and riddles as the gun nozzle is attached to a document attached to your smartphone to be used as a screen and you can manage the nozzle right and right to look from one corner without Explain yourself to the enemy or to point out an enemy without seeing you and the idea of weapons, despite its simplicity, but the mechanism of use is enjoyable when confronted with enemies and when solving some of the different puzzles.

    Your smart phone is the main tool in the game where it has a set of advanced technology features Wesh searches for evidence and ultraviolet light to detect and follow the effects of blood in addition to a map that shows you where you walk and other technical tools through which you will solve a set of puzzles and help you The progress of the game and the fact that the game depends on the element of inquiry and solving puzzles, the idea of the phone and its technical promise to serve the experience beautifully.

    The game offers a range of puzzles ranging from easy to medium, sometimes difficult, and the quality of the puzzles is entertaining and has excellent diversification. You will have a room for the guides you use to find out how much evidence you have collected from the memories. To find another probability or to reveal the real circumstances and when you collect the complete evidence in any task rewarded the game with a secret code opens a door in the task, which you will find a new weapon in addition to hidden memory reveals some additional details of the story and the game has excellent value for The experience of tasks and discover the different things that may occur within it.

    The story is good and mysterious - narrative story and a few sudden changes in events - music and melodies are wonderful and distinct in general - the puzzles of a variety and partial correction enjoyable, despite the technical appearance is weak but Get Even will provide a satisfactory experience for those looking for a game based in the story and with melodies provided by the game and price The appropriate experience is worth considering with a few surprises offered by the story

    Rate this article Review~ Get Even

    (4/5) 2 ratings


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