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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 9 january 2018 16:10

    ReView ~ Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap

    Are you the owner of the classic Sega Master System? If you remember Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, one of the best versions of the device, I'm talking about the year 1989, where the game presented with the experience of the game of action and platforms are very difficult to win them and offers a great challenge for players such as good games that time period, and now After all these years the game gets the remix of the French development team of digital shops for modern devices and computer and today we recognize the level of the game through our review of them.

    As usual the old games do not have much explanation of the story or even the way to play, you quickly find yourself playing the character of Amir and after the burning of his city to begin to turn to different creatures after the defeat of each leader of the Dragon, certainly each creature different abilities mouse, for example able to hang Walls and access to new places while the lion has a great power strikes and other capabilities with each transformation and this helps you to reach new places in the world of the game and challenge the leaders of those areas to get more transformations.

    On the technical level, the game looks very nice, the fact that the development team gave us a great manual fee in this remake really amazing that with the click of a button you can return to the old drawings to see the difference between the difference between the drawings, the game really looks very beautiful on the switch screen, The old version is very impressive and some of them are an orchestra with an effort that can be calculated for the development team. Also, as with the cartoons, you can press the new music button to mix new drawings with old tunes or old drawings with new tunes and so on.

    The method of playing is very classic, a side shot and a button to jump and another button to use the weapon and there are special strikes you get inside the same stages like fire, typhoon, thunder and others, you jump between the platforms and defeat enemies to progress and although it seems easy on paper, but very difficult to implement and needs a lot of Patience, the reason behind it is the enemies in the game are very indiscriminate behavior and the impact of their strikes at times do not underestimate your strength many of their strikes and sometimes lose two hearts of three one strike and even the same enemies find them jumping sometimes a short distance and sometimes a long distance and so it is as if the game is to determine when you lose lives .

    This will make you very careful when you face the easiest enemy because the game does not provide a system of conservation of the regions, you can imagine that you have gone through two full stages and after a journey of great torment and the front of the leader of the stage and lost it you have to return everything from scratch! This is really annoying but it is within the original game system and it is customary for the games of that time period to be short in terms of content and can be compensated by adding difficulty to players to finish.

    7 hours of play I needed to finish the main task and there are some new things that have been added to the game compared to the old version and you get it if you want to go beyond everything in the game, overall this remake deserves the experience of classical game lovers but taking into account some difficulties with the original game design, Without a doubt, the game needs a lot of patience but is a generally entertaining experience.

    A great challenge and style of play Beautiful and remake is commendable Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap is an excellent example of how to develop Remix classic game by preserving the essence and provide some additions to increase the life and value of the game

    Rate this article ReView ~ Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap

    (5/5) 2 ratings


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