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    (2.75/5) 8 rates
    HDpro, 9 january 2018 15:45

    Unturned Review

    Unturned is a free to play game about survival in zombie apocalypse with a couple gamemodes.

    Is Unturned a good game?  Well i think it is BUT my opinion is diffrent from many others so things might not match. Now comparing unturned with other games its obvious its a free to play game but if you want to customize your charecter you will need money.Or you can be lucky or wait for events and get that free too. Overall Unturned is good because its not a game you can just pick up and learn everything in 10 minutes like every other free to play game. See its diffrent than others but not in a bad way. Depending if you like challanges or just dont have much to fill your time with i definatly recommend this game. Again my opinion is difrent and so it may not acount to much copared to yours but i suggest you actually give it a chance. Now its definatly not for everyone as there are alot of diffrent things you can get only by buying it and as we know i like being cheap (Shameless plug: Read my HOI4 Article). Even after all of that id say the game is good but you can get addicted to it depending how much you like PvP (Player vs Player). There is obviously a PVP and PVE gamemode (Player vs Entity). Join the game with the countless game mods and strategys you should try it but if you are new to games and don't have a starting point this game is even better for you.Because of the low graphics needed to actually play you dont need a beast pc to run it.  Gaming doesn't have to be expensive and it shouldn't be. Lets get back to the point. Arena is another gamemode that allows you to go versus as many people there are and giving you guns along the game , before the game , at start of game (depending on server settings and plugins).Overall get the game its not bad but its not great.

    Rate this article Unturned Review

    (2.75/5) 8 rates


    I love this game when I can play whit the boiz

    17 february 2021 10:59

    Not a good article missed some points

    8 april 2020 12:34

    As much as i like Unturned i haven't played it in 2 months because i don't like playing it alone. Last time i played it (2 months ago) i have played it with my friend.

    14 january 2021 18:39

    i love unturned so much

    5 march 2020 18:36

    No content, no pictures and awful language skills. I am surprised that such a text can even be published here.

    19 december 2019 01:28

    This review is actually way higher quality than I thought it would be!

    6 september 2020 08:56