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    Mrdox, 22 december 2017 16:23

    ReView Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

    The game market of FPS is packed day by day with a large number of games and ideas that have been depleted very large and large, but the developers are choosing among the tons of action games now some different recipes to give the opportunity for their games not to compete but to find a quiet place among others, The developers have repeatedly put them in their games. Some things might make it a bit different. City Interactive is again trying to gain some attention with its sniper game.

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 has been issued after many delays and perhaps in their interest, the first part did not leave that footprint and clearly this part will do the same, and the level of the first part really invites us to ask why another version, but we will not complain not every day we get a new sniper game. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 game at a simple cost, so do not count on it so much to give you the best sniper experience possible, and more so do not count on the story because it is the kind that puts you in the suit of the American soldier hero against the terrorists of the Russians and Arabs and all to stop the biological weapon, there are some attempts to add Some surprises in the scenario but a short-lived game can not offer it.

    You will enter the heart of the event directly with Cole Andersson, the hero of the game, and you know the basics, do not wait for any renewal then what you will learn in the beginning is what will continue with you until the end, sniper rifle, pistol with muffler and knife to be used only during silent killing, weapons are not changeable, With a sniper rifle and a gun or a rifle and grenades, the same weapons from the start, the most weapon you will use is the gun without a doubt, especially as you often will be many meters away from the enemy and to get closer to it, the game offers you a classic class system, straightening, bending, , And there is no new What I said every Mastqmon in the game is traffic from point A to point B and kill enemies one by one.

    You will rely on the game to spy and move slowly, and be careful not to raise the attention of stupid enemies, on the left of the screen you have a measure of danger, when full will attract waves of enemies, strange that the enemy even after seeing you to move only after the scale is filled and will remain in place, if you hide returned to put it You will be attacked, kill enemies can be using the gun or approaching the enemy from the back to use the knife, the enemy remains attached in one place and look at another and really if you kill him with this weapon or that, when you shot with a gun you can hold your nose for better accuracy and kill The Last Enemy The camera follows the bullet until it penetrates the body of the enemy.

    Your main weapon is the sniper rifle, you have three levels of correction, each difficulty in the game poses an additional challenge during the shooting and firing and must focus before launching to get a bullet in its right position, the bullet penetrates the body of enemies to the other side so a little focus can kill two enemies in a single The beautiful things in the game, lying on the ground earns you the accuracy of a better correction and you have to choose a good place to shoot, well not quite because the game is very linear and will impose on you hiding places that ensure you the best corners of correction, often will be with another soldier will play the role of the guide and will always ahead of you He will say to you, When will you strike, and who will you kill first?

    Playing on the hard to delete goals indicators that help you to locate the enemy, although it is possible to rely on the telescope to monitor the places or the use of night vision glasses, and the truth will not find much benefit neither for this and for the other because, as I said the game written and often will accompany you to show you the way, The latter can take strange decisions, such as retreat and invite you to face the enemies alone, or make you kill all without moving and sometimes kill enemies in one go and say to you well done, the game depends on a very simple and easy, which is really good, but on the other hand,Into account the game as a sniper.

    The use of the cryengine 3 engine allowed the game at a modest cost to appear beautifully, the graphics are normal but there is a good artistic touch and the design stages are acceptable especially in the final stages that were to appear in a very dazzling and dazzling way even on another game, the price of the game allows to get an acceptable game For those who like to spend some hours in front of a sniper game, it is really nice that the mistakes in the game are few and the disadvantages that appear in other games of the same kind are not visible on this game, and the beautiful designs create an atmosphere of fun and simplicity away from the complexity of designing environments and branching in places.

    The game takes you almost 6 hours to complete this period by playing online. All you can do is join Death Match in two maps. Each of your opponents takes his own sniper rifle, hiding in a good place and sticking there for ten minutes. To kill him, if he did not kill you on the way to him, playing team is very scarce and adds little to the experience.

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is not a perfect sniper game, nor a good shooting game, a modest game with a few beautiful ideas and few goodies, its cost has made it appear modestly but the price may seem encouraging to those who intend to spend hours every now and then in a game of this kind.



    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 succeed in one thing and it surpasses the previous part in large stages otherwise the game will give you only a light experience, the most that can encourage you to get it is the price and the rest of the things that distinguish the game will not be a convincing reason for you


    Rate this article ReView Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

    (5/5) 1 rating


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