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    (5/5) 5 rates
    noobda, 22 december 2017 18:23

    Vanquish [Steam] - Review

    Ever thought of a Sci-fi action game that is mostly graphics oriented and is developed by SEGA guys... Well this game is for you.
    But this game isn't a free-to-play game, go to Warframe instead, which is almost similar game which is a free-to-play game and offers the same including a free roaming environment and has a lot more to offer...

    Coming to Vanquish, this game is a Sci-fi Action Shooter game which looks like it came from future, or at least it feels like you're playing in the future. You'll realize that from its futuristic weapons and technology in-game which make this game more compelling than other Sci-fi shooter games...

    So, this game has 4k textures and resolution support, how well does it ply in the game... Read along to find out more about the game...

    A Sci-fi shooter game which has one time pay to get the completely unlike other developers who demand money to get things unlocked... either way, this Vanquish game has no DLC (Downloadable Content) which makes it kind of different but all the content in the game is packed in the main game itself. By the way the game is unlocked from its core, which means no fps lock and full support for 4k HD textures out of the box. I'm particularly not a big fan of 4k as I can't afford to get a PC that's capable of doing that but for the people out there, its good to know. I'm impressed by that 'no fps lock' thing, as that's pretty nice as you go on decreasing the graphics and settings you'll eventually be hitting the 60+ fps mark on even medium end PC and laptop....

    So, how does the game look like, you'll find it pretty amazing the way the game is optimized to play even on low end PCs but you'll have to stop bothering about the graphics and visuals to be able to hit that 60fps sweet spot, if you don't care about that, then you're pretty good to play the game straight away.

    Here's how the game looks like... And here are some of the steam statistics for the game:

    • Single-Player
    • Reviews: Very positive
    • Release Date: 15th May, 2017 [on steam]
    • Developer: PlatinumGames, Little Stone Software
    • Publisher: SEGA
    • Designer: Shinji Mikami
    • Third person Sci-fi Action Shooter Game - tag
    • Has 50 Steam Achievements
    • Has Steam Trading Cards
    • Full Controller support, you can play this game with any gamepad with xinput/direct input with xbox controls
    • Steam Cloud saves
    • Game only available on Windows, no MAC and no Linux yet but is already available for consoles including PlayStation 3 and xbox360
    • Has 6 language Audio available, nice to see that developers care about the native language pretty much
    • By the way, the game is +18 rated, similar to Warframe in many aspects but has something more to it in much detailed level

    So, the next thing to worry about the game is 'Does this game run on my PC/Laptop?', well to answer that I'll go through the system requirements that can be able to run this game pretty much at playable frame rates. Please note that I'll be talking the minimum requirements, which include the lowering of the game resolution and lowering the graphics setting which in turn lowers the visual quality of the game in many aspects. So, be aware, the better the hardware you have, you can get the better visuals out  of the game...

    > Intel i3 or AMD equivalent but you just need a Dual Core processor like the Pentium, that's it. Quad-core or Dual-core with hyper threading is not a must but does its job

    > 4Gigs of RAM is most common these days, so yep this can't be negotiated

    > Graphics Card... well its not that much particular, you can run this game on almost all graphic processore even the Intel HD Graphics... But make sure you at least have the intel HD Graphics, as this is reequired as the basic level of graphics or the AMD's integrated Grahics

    > Game is around 18GB on the Hard Disk, that's it

    So, what about the reviews and ratings for this game, you may ask. There are a lot of ratings and reviews about this game from a lot of renowned publishers and people around the internet. Here are some of the ratings of this game Vanquish...

    > Steam: 9/10
    > Gaming Trend: 80/100
    > Hardcore Gamer: 4/5
    > Metacritic: 78%
    > TechRaptor: 7.5/10
    > GameSpot: 8.5/10

    Note that the above reviews are for the PC version of the game...

    A pretty good game which looks like its from the future in terms of weapons and action packed technology, not to mention the graphics that drive the game mainly. This game has quite a bit of different essence when compared to WarFrame, as this is not completely going through planets and stuff... which leaves us stating that the game Vanquish is pretty good for what it has to offer.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Vanquish [Steam] - Review

    (5/5) 5 rates


    So it came out on Steam finally. Silence... Except of this write-up ofc.🎮

    29 december 2017 17:59