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    (4.44/5) 18 rates
    emma_becker, 6 january 2019 10:11

    Review : Mothergunship

    Mothergunship is a video game in the first person action shooter style , developed by Grip Digital Corporation in partnership with Terrible Posture Games.


    The story of the game will be narrated in the near future,when advanced space robots,attacked the ground and trying to capture it and destroy humanity.In the game, you must play with your teammates in the role of Resistance Heroes,resist them and rescue Earth.


    The main focus of the resistance group is the ceiling , in the space close to the aliens, so that they can be observed and timely attacked.In fact, the various stages of the game are the same enemy game ships that must attack them , and Destroy the enemies , and by doing this, we get things that make us stronger , and we are more prepared to conquer harder ships.The game is not easy at all , by dying in one step, all the things you achieved at that stage are destroyed and you get out of the stage. In fact, this will increase the excitement of the game, as well as the motivation of the players for good and professional play.

    Each stage of the game consists of different sections or rooms separated by small corridors.In fact, it can be said that each stage consists of several sub-stages ( a few small steps ) , in which you must eliminate a number of special enemies.There are many interesting features in the corridors between these rooms.First of all, it's a Noticeboard , which will provide statistics to the reviewers . These statistics include the number of dead enemies,total damage to enemies , Shot beams, jumps, damage the gamer has seen and the amount of money collected.It's even more interesting to see how big numbers have come up in a short time.For example, in the 5 minutes of the first stage of the game (after the training), we shot 2,000 bullets and destroyed 100 enemies.

    The game is really fast and crazy . Moving the main character of the game is as follows , It's as if holding the shift and busy running . There is no running limit on the game , and the arms of the guns are not over.Of course, after shooting a lot of weapons will not fire ,it's just a few seconds after Reload is ready and ready to be shot.

    This game is a personal innovation for the game in terms of personalization of the weapon , I did not see it in other similar titles.In the game we can, Connect the Lego components and create your favorite robots and machines , do the same with weapons.We will be in Mothergunship's title , We attach the desired parts to whatever shape we want and each angle we think is best suited to create a new weapon.

    Graphic and Music

    The game has good graphics and good physics , and it will run on a great new computer.Game design is something between realistic titles and cartoon (animation) .Colorful and modern game environments are designed , and they are totally feeling the presence of a spaceship.

    The game music is literally awesome ! exciting and fast with electronic instruments, which are mostly metal or rock or a combination of the two.

    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

    Release date: July 17, 2018

    Price: 24.99 $

    I hope enjoy this game . 

    Rate this article Review : Mothergunship

    (4.44/5) 18 rates


    Warhammer is better than all games

    7 january 2019 14:59

    Never heard about this game , but it looks cool.

    12 january 2019 13:40

    always wanted to try this one

    3 june 2020 19:45

    thanks guys for accept and commends 🌹

    18 april 2019 13:51

    Well done.

    11 february 2019 18:34

    good article and game looks fun overall

    3 april 2020 19:40

    good article dude the game seems nice

    24 november 2019 14:21

    Nice play to freee

    14 april 2019 08:53

    Good game, i wish i had it!

    4 april 2019 23:12

    Look this a good aeticle.

    20 march 2019 20:33