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    Mrdox, 10 january 2018 15:06

    Review Metroid: Samus Returns

    The development team MercurySteam is responsible for this game. This team has already developed Castlevania: Mirror of Fate on the Nintendo GameCube and we did not like it at all, and we felt that it was closer to being a two-dimensional God of War game. Well, how wrong we were! Or that the magic of Nintendo in the design of the games has long this team, yes, Samus Returns game is very impressive and you will not hear about this game in our review only praise.

    At the beginning we will introduce you to some basic information about the process of developing the game. Yoshio Sakamoto, the legendary producer of the series, who directed Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo, is one of the giants of the Nintendo designers. The project was directed by Mercury Steam He is Jose Luis Márquez (also the director of Calvinia: Mirror of Destiny), and a director from Nintendo is Takehiko Hosokawa, who has worked as a stage designer on the Jimboy Advance and has worked as a co-director of Metroid Other M. Unfortunately, Kenji Yamamoto, who oversaw the work of composer Daisuke Matsuoka. Yes, the team is full of veteran names and experts in working on Metroid games and Metroidfenia games in general.


    In the first part, the reward hunter Samus Aran succeeded in eradicating the schemes of evil pirates who tried to use parasitic mutoid organisms to generate enormous powers. , And after the incident of the first part spread more ferocious life-threatening Metroid creatures, and so the space union sent our hero Samos to the mysterious planet SR388 to eliminate these creatures once and by talking about Samos, the famous sniper rewards have been raised by Chozo creatures Mines Of and are given space outfit worn by and you will get a lot of Samos on promotions in the remnants of civilization Alichozo during Mtroyd series games.

    If this is your first experience with Metroid games, the Metroid is a side-action game based on shooting as well as platforms and exploration. In terms of shooting, the method of play has undergone substantial modifications that bear the Mercury Steam mark clearly. In the beginning, our blonde hero has been able to score in all directions and at 360 degrees by charging the L button, where you can accurately pinpoint the creatures The game has become more dynamic than it was, and the game got the possibility of counter-attack, and this attack by repelling the strikes of members at a specific moment, and if you shoot immediately after that you will be able to eliminate the enemy blow one!

    Yes, Mercury Steam has created the design of the confrontations, the fighting and the weapons in the game, and gave us the most dynamic and best at the level of fighting, your main objective in the game is to hunt and destroy the forty metroid beings in the depths of the planet and fight with these objects and the right Has suffered some repetition, even though the studio has tried to diversify in these encounters by changing the elements that confront you such as fire, electricity or even the fighting environment and terrain, but similarity was the dominant feature of most of these battles.


    In terms of world design, this game is much different from the other parts of Metroid and we have reminded you that it is a re-visualization of the second most unusual part of this ancient series. Instead of presenting one connected and interconnected world, this game offers separate areas that can be explored separately, You will not be able to move from one region to another until you catch all the existing metroid creatures and then inject their DNA with a giant stone tool, which opens up entirely new roads. Although the old lovers of the series may lack the genius connection to the game areas, This makes up for the genius design For the stages, this game provides the best pieces of instantaneous play from all parts, and instead of loss and search for the road, this game makes you think about how to access this promotion or that and force you to diversify and use all the different capabilities and characteristics in them, yes This game is a fun game design as it should be.

    Not only graphics and even sound effects come directly from Metroid Prime, the sounds have been taken care of as much as possible, so you will hear the sound of the laser beam when you swing using the beam of attachment. However, the composer of the game and unfortunately was never able to match the giant Kenji Yamamoto and this game gets a musical album may be the lowest level among all parts of the series. Generally, you should listen to our advice and do not play this game except with the headphones and raise the 3D in the device to the maximum of your small eyes.

    We did not get mixed up at the start of the experiment for many reasons, including the identity of the developed team and the long absence of the series, as well as the old equipment of the mobile Nintendo, and despite the large number of independent games Mtroedvinia in recent years, but the return of Samos proved that this series has a special flavor and unique did not succeed others In its simulation to date, it will take ten hours and fifteen hours to reach the end of Samos Aran's adventure. You will take risks, explore the depths of the caves and roam the horrors of this game, which breaks the time and space barrier and the limited capabilities of the Nintendo mobile to return to Metro D lost its luster, yes Mtroyd series back legendary as it was new and portable Nintendo gets one of the best toys before they filed the masses.

    Metroid: Samus Returns  this is the game that fans of the series have waited until they are tired of waiting and a must-have experience for everyone who owns a Nintendo handheld, the development team Mercury Steam is offering its best games so far.

    Rate this article Review Metroid: Samus Returns

    (5/5) 3 ratings


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