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    (4.14/5) 7 rates
    Mrdox, 10 january 2018 15:16

    ReView ~ Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    Crash Bandicoot  is one of the iconic figures in the video game industry, especially for players who have known this market in the first generation of Playstation. With the great spread of the device, Karash was one of the characters who plays a major role in the game market and fans of the platform games. Is still the first steps to success to provide us with a very distinctive triathlon platforms, which has received a lot of approval and there is no doubt that a generation of players have a place in his heart for this character, which disappeared a lot from the scene after that.

    Now, after all these years, Activision has come back to us with the help of the Vicarious Visions team to try to restore the character to the interface. The best way to do this is to re-release the three main parts with modern-day drawings. But it is back to work from scratch to this package and with the introduction of various improvements in the game system and control as well as the additions that the package carries, today we review the package after you try it.



    To talk about the main aspect of this version, the new graphics, there certainly were a lot of concerns about how to use the Art or drawing style of the same character and the world we often see previous development teams give us different designs for the character of Crash and his worlds with past games that did not live up to the level of production It is very nice here that the team has kept the main designs and presented them in a very modern style. The game looks distinctive and rich from the very first moment. It has a very lively neighborhood with a good animation of the character and a lot of original gameplay with some fast speed tires.

    Also on the side of the sounds, this game keeps the old updated with the same classical music but in a modern nature, if we talk about the technical level, the game offers a good product even if there is an opportunity to improve at least to try to raise the tire speed of 60 frames, which is provided by this package or Even supporting HDR on the PS4 Pro.



    Well, the game is Remaster for the old parts and the former pilot knows exactly what he is getting here. The platform game offers a variety of ideas, ranging from shooting behind the character and progressing to the top of the screen or in other stages by side-view as 2D platform games, and there are certainly some side effects with different ideas that lead you To drive vehicles, animals and other objects across the three parts of the series, the fact that the Crash Bandicot series did not offer the best game experience platforms but very entertaining as it was provided, and no doubt the experience will be amusing both the players of the old or new Character.

    The development team here has kept much of the core of the original version of the game. There are some new additions, including the challenge of the first time in the third part of the series, improvements to the game conservation system, and the possibility of adventure in the character of Coco Bandicoot, Challenging leaders or stages that rely on the use of vehicles or racing on the backs of animals.


    Lovers of games platforms and family games no doubt they will be happy with this package, which offers with 3 full games and content is very large for its low price is undoubtedly a very good game is added to the library of Playstation 4 games in light of the lack of platform games in general and this may be the return of the expected character and open the door again To enter the hearts of a new generation of players and perhaps new parts of Crash Bandicot, a welcome return certainly to the character of Krash and a producer of content and value.

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy offers a well-deserved experience for lovers of platform games and lovers of Crash Bandicot and Classic Games, a unique content for this package and at a low price to make it worth buying.

    Rate this article ReView ~ Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    (4.14/5) 7 rates


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    13 january 2018 20:28

    There is one game I look for. It was put in one of the BBC MICRO USER MAGAZINES in the 1980's. It was using the chess board with new pieces that have different rules sets. (Coordinator, spinners, etc...)
    Basically it was needed to be wrote code by code from the magazine to the computer but the rules were all there. I would like to find it so it can be revived.
    It would be nice to make the pieces printable for the 3d printer.

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